There are many things we do to improve our mental health, to relax and practice calmness and peacefulness. Reading a book, spending time doing something we love to do, those are all valid ways of enriching your soul. However, you will never get more pleasure than when traveling.

It seems like it is in our nature to always be on the go and in a hurry, that is why traveling provides a perfect opportunity to experience something new and with it maybe even change your life. Maybe you will even find an idea for your next trip in our following recommendations.

1. Get a blessing from a monk in Nepal

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Nepal is a perfect place that combines more religions into one. Hinduism and Buddhism are both well represented, so the whole country reflects spirituality.

When visiting some of the many temples, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful landscape of snowy Himalayas as well. You should definitely take the tour in which you will get a blessing from a monk and also learn a lot about mindfulness, positivity, and happiness through Buddhism. This tour also includes visits to Buddhist monasteries, which will definitely bring a sense of serenity and peace.

Another possibility is to experience a shaman healing tour where he will heal your problems with knowledge about local tradition and culture.

2. The magnificent beauty of the Grand Canyon


There is no better way of understanding the true power of nature than traveling to Grand Canyon. This amazing national park makes you feel respect and awe towards the beauty and strength of nature.

Imagine seeing all that from a bird’s perspective. There are many exciting Grand Canyon helicopter tours you can take, and they all offer an unforgettable experience. You will go over the Colorado River, national forests and enjoy the view of Tower of Ra and many more formations.

This tour will definitely teach you humility because you will be able to put your own life into perspective when you contrast it with the vastness of nature.

3. Experience Zen Buddhism in Japan

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Japan is a country of contrast when you think about all the religious practices, temples and shrines, and the urban, crowded cities. That is precisely what makes it so appealing; you will be able to experience both and understand and appreciate peace and quiet all the more.

Temples are a perfect place to practice meditation and learn about Zen Buddhism. Zen gardens are created in such a way to imitate nature as a whole and provide a perfect refuge from the noise and crowd. These gardens originated in Kyoto, but you can now find them all across Japan, so make sure this is one of the activities you plan.

If you love and appreciate art, there are temples where you can experience Zen Buddhism through art. Paintings and murals on ceilings and walls bring so much to the whole experience and are a truly captivating sight.

4. Spa sessions in Bali to relax your mind and body


Taking care of your personal temple-your body is also of great significance for practicing mindfulness. This is why indulging in spa treatments from time to time is a great way to unwind.

Escape haven is a luxury retreat meant to help with reconnecting and getting in touch with your body. It is designed for women mostly and offers wellness, fitness, yoga and spa programs to satisfy the needs of your inner goddess. You can get detox programs, spa sessions, massages, and even practice meditation. When you combine that with the amazing nature of Bali, it seems like an easy choice.

One more thing that makes this place beautiful is their charity organization that helps the children of Bali. You can give your contribution and help a good cause, which is another way of enriching your soul.

5. Find unity in the contrast of Jordan

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Aside from all the religious sights, you can visit in Jordan, what makes it so special are the natural wonders. The combination of water (Dead Sea) and the desert (Wadi Rum) creates a poetic contrast on its own. However, experiencing it first-hand is a memorable experience.

The Dead Sea is known as the lowest place on Earth, but even more, because the water does not let you sink due to the high concentration of minerals and salt.

To experience a simple life and appreciate the moments you spend in nature, Wadi Rum offers a great escape to a desert that has amazing sandstone rocks. You can see them by riding a Camel and also get to experience the lives of Jordanian tribesmen living in goat hair tents.

Although you can have many life-changing experiences everywhere around you, traveling represents a different perspective. Getting to know a different culture, history, and way of life, we become thankful and appreciate the lives we have. That is why you should strive to experience mindfulness with every trip you have.

Sophia Smith

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