How an individual manages their time is very much a personal endeavor. As a result, there are a number of different ways in which you can look to maximize the time at your disposal and increase your productivity with it.

1. Plan

Everyone knows that person who adds something they’ve already done to their to-do list for the sheer joy of being able to tick it off. If you’re this way inclined, why not take your organizational skills to the next level by grouping tasks of a similar nature together and scheduling windows of time to complete them.

If you’ve got a chunk of emails to reply to, as I do in my job doing blogger outreach, then set aside a block of time to get it done in one go.

2. Prioritise

Knowing which of your long list of tasks to complete first is a particularly useful skill to possess, especially when most of our work and lives involves a constant balancing act of some sort or another.

Why not put a clock on the routines you already have? By ascertaining how long it takes you to do some of the things you have to on a daily basis you can start to build a routine to best suit the restrictions on your overall time.

Be sure to incorporate a repeatable routine for tasks which you don’t already do so for. If you have a certain type of email which you seem to be sending on a daily basis for instance, why not create yourself a template that can be churned out over and over again.

Whilst this might not seem like a game changer immediately, you’d be surprised at how quickly the time you save adds up.

3. Interact

Make sure you leave time in your day to interact with others. If you dedicate too much of your time to projects which involve no collaboration, your effectiveness can drop fairly rapidly, especially if you’re the kind of person who thrives when working with others.

You don’t even have to necessarily interact with other people to help you maximize your productivity. Even listening to music while you work could be enough to boost your levels of concentration.

4. Variety

Variety is very much the ‘spice of life,’ as they say, and this couldn’t be truer of how you get the best out of yourself in terms of productivity and time management.

Most people’s brains get bored of the same task after a certain period of time, which means if you keep plugging away at this task beyond that threshold, your productivity is almost certainly waining the longer you continue.

The best way of avoiding this is to make sure you change things up a little throughout the day. Mix up what kind of task you’re doing between those which are pretty dull and uninspiring and those which really get your juices flowing.

Switching tasks every 20 minutes or so in this way can really help you maintain a steady level of productivity throughout your day, without the peaks and troughs associated with plodding through the same job for hours on end.