When it comes to the balance between men and women, men are still more respected in any profession than women. They are expected to succeed and their actions are rarely questioned as being rash or reckless. On the other hand, it takes women much more effort and time to reach success. There are even those people who still believe that a woman’s only role is to be a mother, and that’s all a woman could ever be.

In this world that favors men over women, being a woman and an introvert can be a very tricky combination. Most companies praise team workers, and people who function perfectly in big crowds. Introverts often get dismissed for being quiet or for withdrawing from human interaction. However, there are those wonderful and strong women who, despite what others think and say, manage to do well at whatever they start doing and who have become amazing leaders for it.

Here is how education can help introvert woman do exactly that.

1. Becoming more social

It’s a common misconception that all introverts are antisocial. In fact, introverts don’t actually want to avoid people. They simply need some time and space to focus on their internal self, rather than on their external surroundings. They need to concentrate on their own thoughts and feelings, and while doing that, they can come up with ideas so incredible that they can leave any extrovert in awe.

Communicating with others and sharing thoughts with them is one way to move forward in any career. This is something that introvert women can learn and adapt to through education, especially a higher one.

Although the introvert in you may seek solitude and tranquility, taking a few minutes from time to time to talk to your peers can help you thrive academically and consequently in business one day. This way you can make people more aware of your presence and your significance. Additionally, it provides you with an opportunity to make a friend or two, which is something to be cherished.

2. Empowering women

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert and whatever your gender is, you’re likely to meet a lot of people throughout your studies. Perhaps you’ll talk to some of them, and you’ll just observe the others. There is a high chance that you’ll come across other introvert women, some of which are already successful and inspiring. If not that, you’ll probably meet very intelligent people who understand your nature and won’t see it as a setback. Rather, they recognize it as a part of you that you and others around you should accept and embrace.

Once you understand that you’re capable of doing or being anything you want, it’s much easier and logical to take the necessary steps towards achieving your goals. Plus, let’s not forget that a person with a college degree may gain respect more easily than a person without one.

It’s essential to enable all girls to get a good education, including the ones from families which aren’t so well off. In those cases, it’s best to turn to teachers and school counselors for guidance or to apply for one of the helpful girls scholarships, which are given precisely to those girls who lack the resources and equipment for receiving a proper education.

3. Knowing what to say

Just as men’s voices often seem to be a bit louder and dominant than the women’s, extroverts may be quicker to say something and to give their opinion on any topic than the introverts. This, however, in no way means that the introvert women don’t have anything to say. Nor does it mean that even if they do have something to say, they don’t want to say it.

On the contrary, many introverts, women included, like presenting their ideas and viewpoints to others. They just like to think before they speak, which can actually make them excellent public speakers.

Quality education can help a lot in this aspect; all those books and papers you read and the lessons you attend in college provide knowledge on different subjects.

When an introvert knows exactly what to say at any given moment, it takes them less time to prepare for speaking. This thoughtfulness and careful consideration before opening their mouths to speak often leads to introverts being respected leaders. It gives them an authority on their area of expertise or anything else that they decide to put their thought into. In addition, it can also make them an expert in networking, since they won’t try connecting with as many people as possible, but rather making significant and useful connections with those precious few they choose to have a conversation with.

If you’re an introvert woman and you’re at some crossroads in life, wondering if you can achieve some goal or tackle some extremely difficult task, remember that you’re strong and that you can do amazing things.

Whether you want to make it in business, politics, entertainment or in any other field–know that there’s nothing stopping you. After all, some of the most famous introvert women include Eleanor Roosevelt, J.K. Rowling, Michelle Obama and such stars as Christina Aguilera, Emma Watson, and Audrey Hepburn.

Not such a bad company to be in, right?