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You’re not the first parent to wonder what to do when your baby just won’t stop fussing.

If you’ve checked all the obvious things, such as whether they’re hungry or wet, and your baby is still crying or showing signs of distress, chances are, they’re experiencing discomfort from an energetic imbalance.

The good news is you can do something about it.

Your Baby’s Subtle Energy System

Every human being – including your baby – has a subtle energy system made up of energetic centers. These centers are always in operation (even if you’re not aware of them) and affect how you feel and think.

 In a baby, when there’s an imbalance in this subtle energy system, it causes them discomfort and they tend to fuss.

To calm your baby down naturally and relieve their discomfort, try one of these energy-healing techniques.

1) Neurovascular Point Press

Your baby’s neurovascular points are found on their forehead, just above the eyebrows. They are right in front of the frontal lobe – the more ingenious, inspired, enlightened part of your brain. You want to use gentle pressure to flow more blood to that part of the brain, which is naturally calming.

 Simply put your thumb above one eyebrow and your index finger above the other and press. If you do this on yourself, apply as much pressure as is comfortable for you. If you do this on a baby, press very gently.

 As you press, breathe deep breaths in and out slowly as you hold your baby. The in-and-out rhythm, paired with gentle pressure, is similar to the womb experience, and should calm your baby within one to three minutes. Just follow your intuition.

Extra tip: Your baby may get fussy because they’re being affected by your own stressed energy. Do this exercise yourself before you do it on the baby, and they may calm down naturally. In fact, try it on yourself right now and see how you feel.

2) Triple Warmer Flush

 We have 14 major energetic meridians. The one connected to your fight-or-flight response runs from your ring finger, all the way up the side of your arm, over your shoulder, up your neck, to the ear lobe, around the back of your ear to the front of the ear. When the energy runs in a balanced way, it flows in that direction.

To calm your baby’s fight-or-flight response, try doing the “triple warmer flush” by running your index finger in the opposite direction of the fight-or-flight energy, beginning in front of baby’s ear, down the back of the ear and ear lobe, down the neck, over the shoulder, down the arm, and off the ring finger – all in one smooth motion.

As your fingertip leaves the baby’s ring finger, imagine the panic energy flushing off of them.

Do this 3 to 4 times on each side. Take a deep breath, noticing how your baby naturally does too.

Extra tip: This meridian runs panic energy, and it’s on overdrive in a world filled with fear-based news and scarcity-minded media. Some adults who do not consciously manage this energetic input mistakenly try to soothe it by overeating. If you experience the challenge of overeating, do this technique on yourself and see how you feel.

3) Figure Eights

The figure eight is an energetic rhythm running through our subtle energies that initiates and engages the energy that we experience as joy. By following this pattern with your hand or your thoughts, you invite energetic balance.

Using your hand, make a figure eight shape over the baby’s body, starting at the top of the head, crossing at the heart, going down to the feet, then looping back up crossing at the same point, and return to the top of the head.

Try five to six repetitions, and follow your intuition if you need to do more.

Not Just For Babies

Your baby will never grow out of these energy healing techniques.

You can use them to calm fussy children, teens, and even adults.

These techniques also go beyond language. They affect children (of any age) more deeply and more quickly than anything you could say. If you want to resolve conflict or frustration, shift the energy first.

Support your baby in keeping their energetic system balanced. As they grow, teach your child how to manage their own subtle energies so they feel empowered to calm themselves. Not only will they know how to deal with periods of distress, but the parenting journey will become more harmonious too.

I invite you to try one of these techniques on yourself right now, and share your experiences below.  

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, and energy healer. For over 20 years, she has supported tens of thousands worldwide in understanding and living true to their energy. Her current project, The Energy Healer’s Master Course, gives individuals eye-opening tools to heal their lives and become healers themselves.

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