Continuing with the Happiness Project Tool kit is the chosen tool of the day: Group Resolutions- a tool which allows you to commit to a resolution with the support of a group (or group mate).

Not an option– you say. Make my resolution public? That means I have to follow-through.

You can.

Picture this: You have resolved in the quiet of your mind to work out twice a week, meditate on the remaining days, and assume deep breathing methods on the weekend as reward for your consistent and impressively successful follow-through.

On Monday you wake up- feeling oh-so-weak from the night prior, so you you choose to sleep instead. There is always tomorrow, you say.

Alas- Tuesday arrives and you’ve managed to over-commit your schedule to include dinner and drinks with the girls! Well- girl time often equates to feeling like you can conquer the world so you manage to conclude that – yes, Wednesday- I shall get back on track.

Then somehow Wednesday slipped into Thursday when you fell asleep on your stack of papers while you were errr…meditating.

So you take a deep breath- and grab a buddy. A friend. An accountability partner. You resolve to tell her that you need their inspiring wake-up schedule (and gym visitor pass) so you can be at your beach-ready best- soon.

The phone rings Thursday morning, just in time to catch you mid-step out the door but you know- someone is counting on me.

You meditated on Friday because you couldn’t just leave your friend outside the door, knocking…

And then you practiced your deep-breathing and relaxed all weekend recognizing, yes– I knew we could do it.

Now grab a friend and commit to a resolution- together!

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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