Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is about America’s independence and celebrating freedom in both a physical and spiritual sense. It’s a day that unites friends and families irrespective of religion, age or any of our wonderful differences.

It’s a time to put our everyday routines and problems aside and to celebrate with the special people around us. Perhaps you celebrate by watching the fireworks, or by having a street party with the neighbors, or maybe you indulge in some guilty pleasures by eating your favorite foods and unintentionally consuming a little too much alcohol (oops!).

No matter how you celebrate, let’s make it a special one this year and gather up your friends, kids and loved ones, and paint the town red, white and blue together – Fourth of July style baby! Here’s a few tips to get you started and to get everyone involved!

For The Little Ones

Confetti LauncherIf your kids will be tucked up in bed by the time the fireworks start (or you’ll at least be attempting to tuck the over-excited little treasures up in bed!), you can still bring some firework fun to the day so they don’t miss out. Put aside an hour with the kids and make some confetti launcherstogether. You only need to buy a few basic materials, and even the most artistically-inept of us can master these! Spend this time to talk to the kids about the importance of the Fourth of July and celebrating it together as a family. Make this a family ritual, and each year try to make something different to reflect the kids’ ages and interests. Cultivating a tradition and a sense of togetherness from a young age is a great way to give children a sense of belonging and to bring the family closer.

Red, White and Blue Recipes


Fancy trying your hand at something other than food for the BBQ and chicken wings? Why not dazzle your guests with the Red, White and Blue Delight– made by layering strawberry sorbet with vanilla and blueberry flavored ice cream in a pan and chilling each layer until it’s firm. It looks and tastes sensational – and like it was a lot more complicated to make than it was! Making food as a family or with friends is a great way to bond….even if it is to laugh together when recipes don’t quite go to plan!

Bring the Movies To Your BBQ

Liven up your BBQ in the evening by having an outdoor movie night. Hire or borrow a projector and set it up in the back garden, project it onto a hung sheet, and invite the neighbors around too. Stock up on popcorn and sweets, sprinkle some candles around the garden and play some good ole American classics. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and a memorable way to celebrate the day.

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Something For The Adults

You’ve done yourself proud – the kids are running around in an ball of red, white and blue excitement, your bunting efforts would get the nod of approval from our Founding Fathers, and the new recipes have gone down a treat. If you fancy continuing the party, try making some themed Fourth of July style cocktails. Our favorite is the Watermelon Mint Cooler – you can make it with or without alcohol (but if you do use alcohol, use vodka or tequila), and with watermelon, fresh mint, lemonade and crushed ice. Bottoms up! What’s your favorite Fourth of July ritual? Tell us how it unites everyone and why it’s special to you. P.S. The picture above is from Mike Bender’s collection of awkward 4th July Family Photos :) 

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