Obesity has become a global public health concern that affects 68.8% of all adults in the United States, and many more people around the globe. The condition is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices and puts a lot of excess pressure on the joints, organs and all other parts of the body.

Obesity has been linked to many health concerns and is one of the top causes of preventable deaths. From an increased risk of developing heart disease and having a heart attack, to being more likely to develop arthritis, obesity is certainly not a condition that makes life pleasant.

Even though obesity is such a concern around the world, the condition can be managed, and weight can be reduced effectively with the effort from the obese individual’s side. Unfortunately, popping a pill every day and continuing with unhealthy choices when it comes to physical activities and food will not solve the problem.

Healthier choices, such as a balanced diet and regular exercise, can solve the problem and help a person achieve a weight that will not put them at a higher risk of developing serious health problems.

How Yoga Can Be Used To Transform Your Body

Physical exercise is important for the entire body – not only for physical health but also for maintaining a healthy brain. Unfortunately, going to the gym, especially when obese, is not something that everyone ca

n do with a smile on their face. The lack of self-confidence that obesity brings about is often to blame when a person steps into a gym and feels like everyone around them is starting to judge them.

Luckily, there are ways to lose weight and transform your body at home – even without having to jog for miles or participate in heavy weight lifting sessions. The answer, for many people, has been yoga – and that’s what we would like to discuss in this post. We are going to look at how breathing based yoga can not only assist in relieving stress, anxiety and even pain but also focus on how these exercises can help to transform your body.

Start Out Simple

When you are only getting started with yoga – especially if you have been inactive for a while – it is essential that you start out simple. Jumping into the more advanced techniques may only cause you to end up hurting yourself.

Instead, stick with some beginner yoga poses during the first few weeks so that you can get acquainted with how yoga works and to help loosen up your muscles and joints to prepare yourself for the more advanced methods.

Starting out with simple yoga exercises will also help to reduce arthritis muscle pain, lower back pain and other painful symptoms that may be keeping you from doing the more advanced poses.

Smart Cooky explains that beginners should take things slow and remember that there is no competition. They advise people to listen to their bodies and not to push themselves too hard as this may lead to injury instead of benefits.

As a final tip, it is important to start focusing on your breathing, even in a beginner’s phase. If you master breathing early on, things will be much easier when you move to the more advanced strategies.

To get started as a beginner, you should try to do some of the following poses at first:

1. The Tree Pose, also known as the Tadasana


2. The Mountain Pose, also known as the Vrikshasana


3. The Boat Pose, also known as the Naukasana


4. The Triangle Pose, also known as the Trikonasana


5. The Chair Pose, also known as the Kursiasana


Move On To Yoga For Weight Loss

Once you have mastered the basics of yoga, you can move on to performing yoga sessions specifically for weight loss and body toning. There are many different yoga poses that can be used for these particular goals. Some of the poses will focus on particular areas of the body, such as the upper body, the chest or the hips, while others will focus on working multiple body parts at once.

To perform yoga for weight reduction, The Fit Indian recommends utilizing the following yoga poses:

  • The Warrior Pose, which is one of the most effective poses for losing weight. This pose also helps to tone the back, thighs, shoulders, and arms.
  • The Warrior Pose II, which is similar to the first Warrior Pose, but targets a different set of body parts, including the abdominal area and the hips.
  • The Bridge Pose, which is a very effective pose for flattening the stomach. This pose also assists with improving the body’s digestive function.
  • The Locust Pose, which will stretch the body from top to bottom, and work on different parts of effective weight loss. The body parts targeted by the Locust Pose includes the abdominal area, the lower and upper back, the buttocks and the chest.

Final Words

Yoga has long been practiced by many people to obtain numerous advantages, such as a full body workout, relieve stress and pain, and even to improve their mental well-being. The fact that yoga can also assist with reducing body weight is certainly a positive factor for people who are obese and want to reduce their body fat percentage without having to participate in strenuous activities, such as daily sessions with a personal trainer at their local gym.

In this post, we looked at how yoga can be utilized to assist in reducing body weight and transforming the body one day at a time. By combining these strategies with a balanced diet, results can be obtained much sooner than many people suspect.




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