Millions of people have trouble with anxiety every day. It makes our life much more difficult, so it is necessary to keep it under control.

Although controlling anxiety is a long-term process, there are still some ways to fight the anxiety and relieve it such as breathing correctly, confiding with your friends, do favorite activities, etc.

This article will introduce you to some useful strategies to calm and stop anxiety quickly.

1. Talk With a Close Friend

The most effective ways to relieve anxiety is to prevent yourself from giving full attention to something that makes you anxious. You can talk to a friend, who you believe.

Don’t be shy but confide with your friend and let her know how you feel to get supportive ideas from her.  This will help to keep your mind out of anxiety symptoms and make you confident. If you suffer from sudden disabling anxiety, you will have someone who sympathizes for you if there is something wrong.

2. Practice Cardio

When you are stressed, your body produces adrenaline, a hormone which contributes to worsening the anxiety symptoms. Doing cardio or aerobics is an excellent way to burn the adrenaline hormone and reduce anxiety.

Moreover, doing aerobics promotes the production of endorphins in your body, which is essential to improve your mood and keep your body healthy. Also, it helps to tire your muscles and reduce excess energy. You can regularly walk or jog to calm your anxiety quickly.

3. Practice Good Breathing Habits

Some studies pointed out that anxiety symptoms were closely related to bad breathing habits. People, both men, and women, who have bad breathing habits seem to have worse anxiety and even upsetting symptoms.

Practicing good breathing habits is considered one of the most effective solutions to calm and stop anxiety. It is essential to slow down your breath, not speed up, even when you cannot inhale deeply.

Try your best to practice deep breaths by inhaling through your nose slowly for five to seven seconds, holding the respiration for three or four seconds and then exhaling gently through your mouth. Make your lips like you are whistling in seven to nine seconds when you are breathing out.

Repeat this activity up to ten to twenty times. This will help to keep you away from the hyperventilating problem and balance the CO2 level in your body to prevent worse anxiety symptoms.

4. Listen To Music

Many people often think that this simple activity will not worth or bring any tremendous benefits. However, remember that every little thing matters. You can listen to good music, which you like, to significantly calm your anxiety. This way helps to soothe your feelings, relax your body, bring better mood and reduce stress.

Do not try to listen to angry music when you are angry or sad music when you are not happy. It only makes you get in touch with those negative feelings, not makes you feel better. Choose the one that can change your emotion when you are anxious.

5. Trick The Anxious Thinking

Anxiety does not happen naturally; it often comes out when you bear in mind many negative thoughts such as you cannot do it, many people will laugh if you make something wrong, etc. You can take control of your anxiety by keeping away from these negative thoughts and practicing yourself to dismiss the triggers causing you anxiety.

Whenever you feel anxious, make affirmations to feel better such as:

I can do it.
I am fine.
I am confident enough to finish this presentation,

This will help you to get over the anxiety or keep it under control to have a better life. Sometimes, your physical sensation will also affect your anxiety, especially, when you suffer from a severe panic attack. Therefore, if you can get used to the physical symptoms, you can also stop your anxiety.

6. Relax Yourself

There are things that make you anxious and things that make you relaxed as well. Try to find out what makes you comfortable and do it.

For example, if you realize that you can give up a lot of pressure by listening to music, turn on the radio right now. For other people, listening to music is not effective but taking a shower is good enough, do not hesitate to add your favorite aroma and then jump into the bath. Even the small things such as throwing stones into the pond or stroking your pet can also comfort your anxiety.

Whatever it is, do it immediately.

7. Let It Out

You can sometimes be crazy as your effort to control the anxiety makes it worse. If you spend too much time and efforts on reducing anxiety, it can put pressure on your mind, and in turn, worsen your anxiety.

So, rather than trying to calm the anxiety at any cost, it is much better to embrace it – a crazy but interesting strategy to help you overcome the anxiety. You can yell at the mirrors, punch pillows, scream or make fun of things around you.

Another useful technique is to flail your arms and then jump around. It will help you to let out all of the uncomfortable feelings. However, remember to choose a place with no one around and do not break anything; or else, the broken things will drive you crazy again.


Anxiety is an urgent problem that can influence every aspect of your life. Conquering it and finding calm confidence is paramount to your success. In a meeting, for example, if you are confident enough to present all of your ideas, you will have more chance to promote in your work. At school, confidence will bring you better grades.

We hope the above seven strategies and tips will help you learn to calm and stop anxiety quickly and effectively.

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All content provided is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a healthcare professional to determine which method is appropriate for you.

Emily Pham

This guest post is by Emily Pham, a blogger with many years of experience in searching the best natural home remedies for beauty and health issues.