Whether you eat McDonald’s, have a vegetarian diet or are somewhere between these two poles, you’ll probably have an opinion on this and we want to hear it. Do you think this anti-McDonald’s ad is too extreme for TV? Check it out the article from the Boward Beach New Times – or better yet, watch the video – and let us know.

Story reproduced here in full for your convenience.

Anti-McDonald’s Ad Snubbed by South Florida Newspapers and TV Stations

By Eric Barton

South Florida’s two largest newspapers, the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald, ran stories on their websites yesterday about local TV stations refusing to run an anti-McDonald’s ad. Oddly, the stories, written by a Herald reporter, both lacked something obvious: the actual video. Or at least a link to the clip on YouTube.

Why? The group that shot the video, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), thinks there’s a simple answer. McDonald’s buys too many ads for TV stations or newspapers to show the clip.

The ad, at right, shows a woman crying over a dead man who’s clutching a
half-eaten burger. It ends with the McDonald’s golden arches with a play on the burger chain’s slogan: “I was lovin it.” A voice-over says: “High cholesterol. High blood pressure. Heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian.”

Susan Levin, PCRM’s director of nutritional education, says she was surprised South Florida newspapers and TV stations wouldn’t show the ad. It aired already in Washington, D.C., and South Florida was the second market that was supposed to get the ad.

“I don’t quite understand the controversy,” she said. “I’m actually quite shocked, because I thought of it as a progressive area that would be open to other ideas.”

Before picking which markets to show the ad, Levin said she studied how many McDonald’s and other fast-food chains were located in South Florida. She said the area had, by far, more McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and KFCs per mile than other markets.

“Maybe there’s just so many McDonald’s there, and they buy so much advertising, that nobody wants to risk it,” Levin said.

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  • Avatar matt says:

    Well, It looks like a hate ad.
    I enjoy a Big Mac (once a month)
    Be a vegetarian? Is the problem with McDonalds or with cows?
    Why is it only against McDonalds and not other Fast food chains?
    How about the responsibility in court for running such an ad?
    Why not an ad about "go out and do some phisical excercise?

  • Avatar sanzbunny says:

    I don't agree with this ad. There must be some other reasons why people get high cholesterol. I've ate at Burger King , Whataburger, and McDonald's and out of the three I think McDonald's was the best ..No for real Yeah they do have the best service and burgers. If people are going to eat food and sit all day in front of the T.V. then that's their problem. Do not blame McDonald's on this. Keep on watching t.v . and all their Ads, some stink anyway but Oh my if we can't eat then we won't survive. Yeah go ahead is a waste of time to look at the Ads and write about them but guess what if you think like that sooner or later people that don't have any thing to eat in third World countries would have prayed you hadn't thrown that left over from McDonald's because they do contribute to our World and have given away millions of dollars to charities.

  • Avatar JennaDR says:

    I do not believe in a one size fits all diet. I do not think that being a vegetarian is necessarily the healthiest diet for all people. I think we need to choose healthy, unprocessed foods that fit our genetic makeup. (Listen to your body!) Trying to force a vegetarian diet on all people is like trying to put gasoline in a diesel engine. I notice when I am eating helathy ie lots of raw fruits and veggies, some protein like chicken, burger, fish, egg, protein smoothies etc in small meals more often, I feel better, I'm healthier, I have more energy. My mood is better. But when I fall back into not eating every few hours, allowing myself to get super hungry I eat quick fast food to stave off the hunger and I don't feel as well, as energetic. My health is my responsibility. If I sit around waiting for someone else to take care of my health or for fast food chains to change, I will still be sitting here waiting in 10 years, not any healthier. If I wait around for you to change so I will be happy, well, I guess I'll be sitting here for a long time. Happiness, health, serenity— it's all an inside job. Ghandii once said "World peace begins within" I think the same is true for world health. (if there is such a thing as 'world health')

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