The hardest part of starting to workout is determining the best exercise for beginners. One must also prepare a plan on how you will do your workouts.


The four things you must do before starting are:

  1. Weigh yourself especially if you are going to engage in exercise for beginners to lose weight
  2. Get cleared by a doctor
  3. Get ready to exercise
  4. 1st Cardio workout

First week

  • Day one: Perform a cardio routine for twenty minutes
  • Day two: Start strength training with exercises like back extensions, assisted lunges, crunches on the ball, modified pushups, triceps’ extensions, ball squats, bicep curls, overhead presses, and dumbbell rows.
  • Day three: Perform twenty-minute cardio routine as day one together with ten lower-body stretches.
  • Day four: Perform yoga poses and ensure you focus on the breath.
  • Day five: Perform the simple strength workout done on the second day.
  • Day six: Perform interval training. This entails alternating work sets with resting ones. You must use the perceived exertion scale to check your intensity. The exercise can be performed on all kinds of cardio machines.

Second week

On the second week, go on with the first-week routine and introduce other exercises like the stretching exercise for beginners that make the workout more interesting.

In cardio, do the exact workouts for an additional five minutes to establish tolerance and extend your exercising duration.

The strength exercising session must encompass the exact tasks; however, you must perform two sets of them to increase intensity. Interval exercising extends by four to twenty-five minutes.


Third week

The modifications on a workout during the third week should be very drastic and must have high-intensity cardio workouts. The strength exercise must also be very challenging, and you must get a different yoga exercise too.

The cardio exercise should move from 25 to 30 minutes, and the interval exercise will take you to high-intensity points. The strength exercise encompasses different exercises and heavyweights. There is also a yoga exercise done on an exercise ball which provides additional exercises and support.

Fourth week

Here you will maintain what you have done during the first three weeks, but you should introduce planking exercise for beginners and other exercises to make the workout more interesting.

You should maintain the thirty minutes cardio exercise but get a new interval routine which entails making frequent changes when exercising.

The strength exercise should also remain intact; however, ensure to add another set to challenge the muscles and go on making progress.

The fifth week and beyond

To benefit more from the exercise, one must change some few things. People should alter things like time, repeating, pace, weights, tasks variations and others.


That is the main guideline for starters. However, be aware that these are just suggestions. Use them to commence the process and ensure to adhere to only the easy exercise for beginners which can benefit you.

Kaya Johnson

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