When looking to live a more fulfilling life, one of the key things is helping others.

But, do you know why it will help you have a better, more rewarding life?  How does it help with making life more engaging and fun? Well, read on to find out.  Helping others will make you live a better life, and we will explain why.

1. “Helper’s High”

Did you know that you get a sort of “helper’s high” when you help someone else?

Most of us want to have meaningful lives, in that we make a difference in this world.  Helping others can boost happiness, and research shows that engaging in activities like volunteer work can make you feel a lot better.

Workers that are happy are more likely to report that they help others too. You even see this in children, where those that are helping others are much happier than just receiving rewards.

The “helper’s high” is a boost of endorphins that makes you feel incredible, and improves your mood and self-esteem.  Helping others does feel good, and usually, helping does more for happiness in those giving it, than it does for the receiver.

2. It Builds Community

If you help others, you’re touching another person’s life in some way, and it will bring you closer to them. It builds trust, and through cooperation, it will not only bring them closer to where you are but also will help you get closer to them.

When we choose to do something for others, we are reinforcing a connection, and it helps you in a much better way than just receiving actions.

3. Regulates Other’s Emotions

Did you know that helping others can regulate the recipient’s emotions? If you have a partner that’s struggling to hold themselves together or a child that’s crying or has a tantrum, helping them can make them not feel as bad, by regulating emotions.

In doing this, we show empathy to others, and we also help them reappraise the situation so that they’re not so controlled by it.  By regulating the emotional well-being of others, it definitely can help them feel better.

4. Combats Stress

It might be a strange reason, but it does tie into the other point above. You may think that sometimes helping others will create or add stress to life. Instead, it actually helps us regulate it better.

By helping others, we help to manage the stress of others, and we adapt to stress better. The reason being is by assuming different perspectives. Seeing the challenges that others are going through gives you a different viewpoint, allowing you to be more accepting of the hardships and stress that we face.

Often, people don’t even realize that they’re struggling and they might need a little bit of help. But, by helping others combat stress, we’ll be able to adapt better to the situations around us, build resilience, and overall create a much more positive and impactful result.

5. Good for Careers

There are lots of factors that go into finding a great career: the independence, creative freedom, etc., and also how your work helps others.

If you work as a medical professional or any other field that involves helping others, you get higher job satisfaction because you’re helping others feel better.

Those that tend to be happiest are more committed to helping others. Since they are committed, they’re less likely to leave the career. Even if you don’t directly help others, knowing how it impacts others in some way is essential.

6. Builds Business!

Finally, it builds a business. What’s the goal of any business? Selling a product or service that will help others.  Yes, helping is essentially the bread and butter of any business.

Even if you’re just an SEO consultant, you are helping others by getting their business at the top of Google.  Gym instructors help others exercise and live a better life, so they’re helping others. Amazon is a business that makes it easier to buy stuff online, which in turn helps others get their items faster.

Those businesses that are money driven seem shadier, and many times, it’s because they’re not helping others.

While some companies are around on the basis that they don’t help others (such as cigarette companies) cigarettes are slowly becoming a dying practice because of how bad they are for you. The tobacco industry is being replaced by vaping and other alternatives since they help others. So yes, building a business with an intent to help others will definitely succeed, and it makes a difference.

Not to mention that helping others lowers depression rates, puts you in a better mood, and even lowers your risk of dying by about 22%.

Helping others not only does it make you feel good naturally, but it can also ultimately save your life.

So, if you feel like you’re missing out on something, or if you feel like you need a little bit more, then consider trying to help others more.

Perhaps you feel like your career lacks this altruistic element, or you feel like you need something that will help others better. Find that missing element, try to build it up, and create the best business that you can.

If the goal at the end of the day is helping others and building character through those endeavors, then it can make a world of a difference. You’ll see for yourself why helping others is integral to the health and wellness not just of the business, but the overall success of your life too.

Emily Bartels

Emily Bartels

Emily loves to write on issues related to Health. She has been in this industry for 5+ years and specializes in writing educative content on Health. She loves to read trending news to keep her updated!

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