What is happiness? And what does it mean to you? Its definition varies from person to person, however whether we spend a lifetime actively seeking it or, or it’s something that subconsciously steers our decisions in life, we all desire it.

In this viral TED talk, Matthieu Ricard, Biochemist turned Buddhist monk and right-hand man to the Dalai Lama, talks about the habits of happiness. Given he has been the centre of extensive clinical studies due to him being dubbed the “happiest man in the world”, we thought we could learn a thing or two from him on how to achieve the holy grail of happiness.

When asked, most of us know that happiness comes from within and is not based on other people or material things, however how do we apply this during our everyday lives when we subconsciously believe that a certain person or possession is necessary for our overall well-being? Like most things, it’s easier than done, so how do we generate a true sense of serenity into our lives?

In this fascinating talk, Matthieu explains that the secret lies in us training our minds to become habits of well-being, as only then will we invite greater fulfillment into our lives. He also explains the practice required to reprogram your mind to disconnect from negative thoughts, and how you don’t need to be Buddhist monk to do so.

Not only is he full of wisdom, he also manages to inject humor into his talk, and despite it being 20 minutes in length, you’re left wishing you could sit down with him and learn more about his life experiences and worldy insights.

Tell us what happiness means to you. Are you waiting to reach a certain pinnacle in your life or career, or is it already bubbling away inside of you?