The Wheel of Life is an extremely effective method of practical self-control that enables those who have mastered it to significantly improve the quality of their life.

This is how it looks:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.33.04 PM

This figure depicts human life as a circle divided into several sectors. Each sector represents a component of our existence: finances, health and wellbeing, career/business, family life, spirituality, relationships, personal development, material possessions, etc.

The practical task is to fairly and objectively assess yourself in each of these areas, using a 10-point rating scale.

According to the ratings, mark a part of the sector, as shown in the figure below:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.33.28 PM

Once this is done, you will identify all of your existing problems. And, starting from the weakest link, you will methodically and consistently build your Wheel of Life — to get it rolling consistently and evenly.

The benefit of this method is that it leads you directly to the essential and indispensable element of correction — thorough in-depth self-analysis.

The accuracy of the assessment, and how closely it relates to reality, provide the basis for success in all areas of life.


Rate from 1 to 10

What criteria should you apply when assessing, say, your financial situation? What should be taken as 10 points? Your own glory days, or wealth of the richest people in the world? Or, perhaps, your wildest dreams?

Let’s consider the quality of family life. What should it be compared with to ensure that the assessment reflects the reality? Past marriages? Or with the ending of a sentimental romantic movie, like You’ve Got Mail?

Once you consider the proposed action plan a bit closer, you’ll clearly see that each spoke of the wheel is a problem as such. Even at the first stage, you may find you have more questions than answers.

But you do need answers. At least one — and definitely correct one. This answer will be the reference point — the axis of the balance — that you need to set.

The power of veto is always in the hands of fate.

Imagine that you have succeeded, and achieved the desired result. So, you’ve committed yourself to addressing the weakest point – let it be the financial situation.

But there’s the rub: your life has no idea that you have made up your mind to change it. It has its own vision.

On the very next day, something can happen that suddenly ruins all your plans and arrangements. You may well be hospitalized, and recovery of health will undoubtedly become your top priority – 8 points on your scale. Or you find out your spouse is cheating on you with someone inside your immediate circle. No more high points to your family and friends.

Naturally, you’ll try not to depart from the original plan and solve all problems at once. Will you succeed? Very doubtful that you will.

It’s much more likely that you will burn like a match and completely lose faith in the possibility of positive changes.

In addition to your current problems, you may suffer from mental stress.

Use The Wheel Of Life Balance To Achieve Inner Equilibrium

Triangle of stability

Wouldn’t it be better to begin with something absolutely stable and permanent? To take as a reference that which will occur tomorrow, will be the same as yesterday?

Everyone has such reference points. They make up the “triangle of stability”, which every human life is based on.

Attention, please! Its components are Time, Status, and Emotions.

In other words: the point above the point of life where you are now, your mature personality, and the complexity of your reactions. Together, they form your position in life.

All the good things in your life exist due to its stability, while problems always arise out of the attempts to stray from it.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.03.26 PM

Let us consider each of these support points in detail – and you will see why the triangle is built exactly this way.

1. Time

The only things that matter are those that are present in your life now, at this particular moment.

Your past is only a sequence of steps that have led you to your current situation. And your future depends directly on your ability to properly evaluate the position you have reached.

“Now” is the total of all your victories and defeats, of everything you have achieved, missed, and voluntarily given up.

It is your life experience, common sense, ability to do reckless things and restrain yourself.

It is also a seed from which your tomorrow will grow – as well as the day after tomorrow, and the whole future life.

Would you like to know where you are today and what future will follow directly from your current position?

Use The Wheel Of Life Balance To Achieve Inner Equilibrium

2. Status

In this life, it matters only what you can do and what you can not. The rest is ephemeral.

Personal status is not your career position, marital status, or credit capacity. It’s a much broader term.

The status is determined by your potential – real and hidden, active or latent. The way your family, friends, bosses, subordinates, and even casual acquaintances treat you depends on nothing but your abilities and capabilities.

It is also the only possible basis for an objective self-esteem and objective evaluation by the others. And, consequently, the basis for a potentially promising line of conduct and type of relationship with the external world.

Thus, personal status is a well-defined direction of action.

Do you want to know who you are, what assets you have, and what traits of your personality you can rely on without fear of being deprived of them tomorrow?

3. Emotions

The only purpose of life is happiness. And happiness is pleasure of the process.

People depend on many things. On their desires and inclinations, aversions and fears, health and finances. And, finally, on their mood at every particular moment.

It is our emotional attitude that defines our reactions to external influences and manifestations of our own nature. They form our moral compass, our concept of what is acceptable, our attitude to laws – divine and universal human ones.

However, humans can be of two sexes. When we let go of the superficial and unnecessary, we have only one person we depend on – the one without whom the life is devoid of meaning, flavor, and joy.

The abilities to manage your time and use your abilities is idle if you have no one to offer the results to.

You have reached the top in all areas of life – career, finances, health, self-development, the ability to enjoy your life and interact with people. You are a donor of happiness.

But what’s the use of it if there is no “acceptor?”

Use The Wheel Of Life Balance To Achieve Inner Equilibrium

Building your triangle of stability

Now, we have come to the main point.

Would you like to know where you are today and what future will follow directly from your current position; who you are; what assets you have; what traits of your personality you can rely on without fear of being deprived of them tomorrow; how attractive you are to the opposite sex, and; what kind of person you can make happy?

For more than 4,000 years, a system has existed that makes it so much easier to build the triangle — that even a child can use it.

On the basis of this system, we have developed three online services that you can try right now absolutely free:

  • Forecast for the year helps to identify the point in time that should become the starting one for any changes with pinpoint accuracy. You will know where to go.
  • Personality analysis features a detailed study of your key abilities and potential opportunities. You will get the strongest possible basis to establish a balance in your life – self-confidence.
  • Service Compatibility detector offers evaluation of your current relationship, its harmony, and prospects for development. Here you will also learn what traits of your and your partner’s character can cause serious problems in this relationship.

Use these services to build your triangle of stability. Once you get the answer to the main questions, return to the Wheel of life balance. It will definitely start rolling.

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