To be happy in life is what we all want. But how to achieve it?

Less stress, more time for hobbies and the family? Maybe.

Or maybe you are already happy and are not aware of it. What signs indicate this?

1. Live Here and Now

If I torture myself with the same thoughts about work, relationships with colleagues, or health; if I think all morning about talking with the boss or mentally solving problems with partners, if my thoughts are circling the past or the future, I do not feel happy.

However, if I only think about what I’m doing at the moment, I feel peace and joy. For example, it is pleasant to cook delicious food or to speak with a family member or friend from the heart, and it is pleasing to feel a warm shower stream.

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2. Enjoy the Little Things

“You cannot buy happiness for money,” says a famous saying.

A large amount of money does not lead to life satisfaction or happiness. But simple things, the little things in life, make it possible to enjoy them. A glass of ice cream, the morning sun, the chirping of birds, a happy face nearby.

We must learn to notice the pleasant things and enjoy them.

3. Try Not to Notice Minor Troubles

Spilled hot coffee in the bustle of the morning, or missed the bus? Is the day ruined for you? Or is it better to laugh at it and focus on more important things?

If you opt for the second and don’t allow yourself to concentrate on small failures, this is a good sign. Pay attention to the decisive moments. People who are happy with life know that ups and downs are inevitable. People who are focused on a positive long-term, are more satisfied with the experience and learn how to better cope with failures.

4. Doing Sports

Several studies have shown that sports make people happy. Athletes are more satisfied with life and feel more comfortable than couch potatoes.

In games, the body reduces the stress hormone cortisol, and movement releases endorphins. The mood, therefore, rises during the course of training and action. In the long run, physical activities can even help with depression.

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5. Sleep Well

Do you sleep well and with pleasure? If you enjoy your sleep, then you are a balanced and happy person, even if you do not always notice it.

Healthy sleep has a positive effect on mood. Lack of sleep and poor sleep, on the other hand, make it difficult to feel well rested and awake for a new day.

Stress can cause difficulty falling asleep and can even lead to long-term depression.

6. Be Grateful

Are you happy that you live in your beautiful country? That you have a roof over your head, never go hungry, and that it’s warm in your apartment during the winter?

Evidence shows that grateful people are happier in life. They tend to appreciate the pure, little pleasures.

7. Turn Off the TV Often

Is it boring to watch TV in the evening? Prefer to do something with your family or friends? These are good signs.

Sociologists say that those who are happier to watch TV, replace live communication with people.

8. Laugh Often and with Pleasure

Research has proven that laughter not only makes you happy, but it can also even ease pain. It relaxes, lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and stimulates the immune system and digestion.

Just look at the old photos. They show you smiling or laughing; that is happy.

Scientists have discovered an interesting relationship: adults depicted laughing at school photos, are rarely dissatisfied with their lives later.

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9. Find Time for Friends

Bad moods aren’t the only contagious moods; good ones are as well. Happy friends make us happy. Relationships with other people are significant. They make life more beautiful and enjoyable.

10. Rejoice in the Happiness of Others

Scientists say that happy people are happy because they compare themselves less with others. This is especially bad when the comparison is unfavorable for you.

Rejoice in the happiness and success of other people. The joy that you radiate brings you closer to other people, which has a positive effect on both sides.

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