The Life Of Flowers – A Time-lapse Of Beauty In Bloom

At some point in every Disney cartoon, there is that scene where someone opens the window shutters to a garden or balcony of flowers in the dewy morning, while birds chirp and fly about in merriment.

Let’s face it, as much as this vision has been reduced to cheesiness in the world of film and television, you kind of wish you did have a stunning bed of flowers outside your bedroom window. There’s just something captivating and uplifting about being surrounded by them.

There’s a reason why flowers have become such a symbolic presence in our lives. They make romantic gifts. They have different meanings for different occasions. They are delicate but they also have thorns. They bloom into a moment of captivating beauty, only to fade and wither days later, reminding us to be more appreciative of the precious yet brief moments in life.

We hope you had a great weekend, and to help kick start this new week, let us captivate you for a moment and refresh your minds with this incredible video of “The Life Of Flowers”.

Sit back, gaze away and have a Bloom Monday!

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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