Shawn Achor, the CEO of Good Think Inc., studies happiness for a living. It must be working, because he’s one of the most charismatic presenters we’ve ever watched!

In this 12-minute talk, he reveals the “happy secret” to work, productivity and life, which he based his teaching experience at Harvard as well as his research. Basically, you don’t need to be successful to be happy – you need to be happy to be successful.

“It’s the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. And if we can change the lens, not only can we change your happiness, we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.”

Let us know your thoughts on Shawn’s “reversed formula” (even if you simply enjoyed his talk or his childhood story about how his sister became a unicorn). Then share this post with the people you care about so they too can start applying the happy secret in their lives.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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