Fun In the Sun - Quick Ideas For A Picnic

Picnics are great for everyone; an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family, partner, friends and even co-workers out in the sun. With summer finally here (we’ll try to not jinx it) it’s time to leave the formal dining table and dine alfresco.

In fact, let’s encourage everyone to picnic more often – it’s really not that big of a hassle to organize and prepare for, and for the great time it almost always guarantees, it should be one of life’s best solutions for the road to happiness.

Picnics should remain simple, casual and fun; not necessarily the picturesque perfection described in romantic literature and posh travel shows. All you need are the following prerequisites: good weather, fun food, a nice spot of grass (or beach), company you love and your hands to eat with.

Yes, eating with your bare hands should definitely be mandatory practice for every picnic – live a little!

Here are three quick ideas for a Sunday picnic (or any day of the week) to get bonding with your chosen company, because as most picnics go – these don’t take the managerial skills of a film producer, a supermom or a party planner to put together!


Fun In the Sun - Quick Ideas For A Picnic

The “Make Your Own Sandwich” Picnic

This is fun for children and adults alike. Instead of preparing sandwiches in a hurry at home, in between packing and making sure the kids don’t gravitate towards the television where a cartoon has just started, bring the bread and fillings to the picnic. Have fun and be creative when you shop for your sandwich fillings. But be careful not to let your kids (if you have them in your group) get too excited when assembling their sandwich creations!

The “Mysterious Takeaway” Picnic

This probably works best for groups of friends or co-workers, or perhaps for a couples’ day out. Instead of designing and planning the menu beforehand, assign each attendee the task of bringing the starters, snacks, mains or dessert (a bottle of champagne or a cooler of drinks doesn’t hurt) and bringing it to the location without revealing what or where they bought the food from until the picnic!

The “Bite-Sized Everything” Picnic

The experience of picnicking alone is already authentic, so there’s no need to feel guilty if your spread comes from the pre-packed selections at the supermarket. Grab fruit like strawberries, grapes or cherry tomatoes – easy to share and you eat the whole thing so no extra waste. Throw a bag of chips and a jar of dip of your choice into the cart. Wines also come in mini individual bottles – so if your supermarket has them – viola! Have the bakery slice a loaf of baguette and grab some savory spreads (or a jar of Nutella) to go with. This saves preparation time for everybody, as all you need is a quick dash to the supermarket, which makes it all the more reason for the picnic to happen!


When was the last time you went on a picnic? How have picnics improved your relationships? Do you have any interesting or useful tips on picnicking for couples, families, friends or co-workers? Let us know as we’re planning one for our team soon!