Do you ever have days when you feel down in a funk? You know, nothing is really wrong but nothing feels quite right, either. Most of us have those days from time to time, and when we’re in the midst of them, it’s hard to accomplish very much. And you start wondering, “What are the keys to happiness?”

If we’re at work, productivity, efficiency and friendliness usually take a nose dive, and our colleagues probably don’t appreciate the little dark cloud hovering over our heads. But whether we’re at work, home or out and about, a negative funk is just no fun. Worse still, too many down-in-the-dumps days can take a toll on our health and long-term happiness.

Vibrationally speaking, a negative funk can quickly become self-perpetuating, drawing to us, via the Law of Attraction, more things to feel not-so-fun about. So it’s really important to do what we can to climb out of a funk-hole quickly and simply, since those bad feelings tend to multiply if left unchecked. Here’s five quick and simple things you can do the next time you’re having a woebegone moment. Try one or try them all and let us know which work best for you!

Key #1: Think of 5 things you appreciate

They can be as simple as the potted plant sitting in the office, or the rainfall making everything green. They can include a favorite pet or a kind word someone recently spoke to you. They don’t have to be things that thrill you, just simple things, everyday things, things that make life just a little bit nicer. If you have the time, you can then list (in your mind or in writing) five positive aspects for each of these five things.

Key #2: Take five deep breaths

Focus as much as possible on each inhalation, filling your lungs to the very top; then focus entirely on each exhalation, slowly releasing the air and giving a final ‘push’ at the very bottom of the breath. Take a moment between breaths to feel the lightness and freedom of being fully ‘empty’.

Key #3: Move your body

Take five minutes to walk or move your body vigorously. If you can, really move so that you are so actively engaged with your body that your mind doesn’t have the time to dwell on any particular thoughts.

Key #4:List 5 of your favorite songs

Then be determined to dance to at least one today (all five would be even better!)

Key #5: Do 5 nice things

Select 5 people to do or say something nice to today. You may want to send a friendly email to one, express your appreciation directly to another, give a small gift, make a meal, or offer a coffee. It is up to you, but taking the time to think of small ways to show appreciation to five people in your life is a sure way to uplift you. What will feel even better is the follow through, so keep it simple, but be sure to actually give the gifts after you’ve thought of them.

There you go — 5 simple keys to happiness. If you’ve got a key that we haven’t listed here, do share it by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you :)