I have been meditating a lot lately.

Up to two hours per day, in fact, by staying up late or rising around 5am. In a busy life, finding the time to meditate can be hard.

I have always been a fan of the movie the Matrix. Not for its violent aspects, but the underlying metaphor of the truth about our reality and the real world that exists beyond what we can see in front of us.

I was meditating and at the end of it felt strongly that I should watch the movie again. So I did and after the closing credits a thought popped into my head “I wonder what Trinity is doing right now?

I grabbed an iPad and checked online and found she has a site called Annapurna Living.

I have recently completed a book entitled Awaken and noticed that the site accepts submissions for articles. So I wrote one aligned to the book and sent it in. Within a week a reply came back and the article was accepted.

The day before it was published another article appeared on the site mentioning myself as one of the men that inspired Carrie-Anne. It was great that she supported the book and awakening the world.

It can be really easy to believe that life can be hard and that magic does not exist.

It can be really easy to focus on what the ego (the negative force in the universe) wants to show you and miss the magic that happens around us every day.

One of the topics in the book is the truth that there are two forces in the universe. The Tao Te Ching, Buddha and Jesus spoke of these forces many centuries ago ago: one for destruction and one for growth.

If you pause in your busy day you will find that thoughts pop into your head. If a moment of awareness arises you will notice that they aren’t your thoughts. They are random observations and judgments about your day or people.

You could even have the alternative thought: “Wow, that really doesn’t sound like something I believe in.” Sometimes, though, in our unawareness, we will run with the thought and do what the ego wants us to do.

There is also another voice. One for growth that is quieter and more subtle. Gentler and not pushy and insistent like the other one. It comes as feelings about what to do. Gentle feelings that can guide you towards one universal message; help everyone wake up and experience the truth.

If you listen, you will make sense of random events and things that occur in life.

You will begin to see how life really works.

It will guide you towards the path for what you are really here to do and that is assist each one of us to become more, to grow and to be more than we have been before.

That voice guides you to grow because that is what that force is. It’s a force for good and its all about growth not destruction.

When we take time out to listen life can be an adventure and a journey of discovery that can light you up. In meditation that listening can part of your life style, your values and essentially reconnecting with who you really are.

That is what intuition really is: listening to that voice and following it to see the magic that exists. We get to choose every moment, every day, which voice we listen to and which action we will take. I have listened to both voices and I know which one to listen to that produces peace.

You see; it really is a choice and I choose to believe in magic. What about you?

Brett Jones

Brett Jones

Brett Jones is a teacher of inner peace, enlightenment and awakening. He is author of the best selling book Awaken on Amazon and iTunes. He can be found at www.brettjones.global and on social media via that website.

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