The journey to success is frustrating and defeating at times. We do our best to make something work, and most of the time, we don’t get what we expect. Most people who’ve tried and failed give up quickly and end up living the average life they tried so hard to escape.

It is impossible to succeed without inspiration. Inspiration is what energizes us throughout the day. It’s what keeps us awake at night. It prevents us from staying at the bottom and feeling stuck even after failing terribly.

Inspiration enhances our creativity. When we are creative, our performance and productivity improve greatly. We start doing what most people consider to be extraordinary. We keep on keeping on. And we finally succeed in a big way.

So, how do we become inspired when we want to? You see, it’s easy to do something when we want to do it. But when we make ourselves do it when we don’t feel like it, that’s when we exercise discipline and demonstrate courage.

You can get inspired by anything. Yes, anything.

Your wife, husband, children, or parents can inspire you to do extraordinary things. Hate can also be inspiring. You can be inspired by hating poverty, sickness, stress and frustrations, and a purposeless life.

Your past can also inspire you. It could be a good experience or a bad one. Maybe you’d love to emulate your parents and live the lives they lived. Or you want to do your best to avoid the experiences you had when growing up.

You can also be inspired by the people you look up to in society. Your role model has probably gone through experiences you can never imagine, and they still made it big. Role models shape the way we think and behave. Therefore, choose a role model who is living the life you would like to live in the future.

Anything can be a source of inspiration. It just depends on our attitudes toward it. The more you pay attention to yourself and your environment, the more inspired, energized, and fulfilled you’ll become. And the best part is, you’ll live every day to the fullest. Here are eight of the best quotes to keep you inspired today and in the future.


Keep your face towards the sun and the shadow falls behind
– Walt Whitman

In life, most of the things you try out in the beginning will not work. In fact, nothing works the first time. According to domywriting review, everything worthwhile in life takes time. Being great at something takes years. Learning a new language takes time. Loving someone takes time.

Once you understand this, it will be easier for you to recover when you fall. Because you are going to fail many times. Failing is an essential ingredient of success. When you fail, learn from your mistakes and get back on track. Successful people keep their faces towards the sun. They don’t focus on the shadow. After failing and learning from it, they draw a line on the sand and resolve never to repeat the mistake again. And they make progress faster than the average person.


The simple produces the marvelous
– Amelia Barr

On your journey to success, it’s essential to keep things simple. Simplicity is the key to inspiration and success. Many people go for complexity and end up giving up faster than they anticipated. Most people ignore simplicity because they think it doesn’t work.

For example, how can an apple a day keep you away from the doctor? How can reading a good book for thirty minutes every day make any change? Simple things are done everyday compound over time and produce tremendous results.

Always keep things simple to keep your fire burning. Doing everything at a go will lead to burnout, and you won’t last that long. Form good simple habits by practicing them every day. You will be amazed by the results and most importantly, your energy levels.


Imagination makes us infinite
– John Muir

As Albert Einstein said, imagination is powerful than knowledge. Our minds have the power to connect us to the infinite if we use them in the right way. A successful man is the person who knows how to use his faculties and Paper Writing Pro in the right way.

Everything that has been made on earth first originated in the mind. Through imagination, we see things that don’t exist yet. We can shape our future through imagination. The more you imagine your future, the more you’ll be inspired to take big strides.


Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud – Maya Angelou

People are going through tough times in life. The more you understand them, the easier you will relate with them. Instead of reacting to another person’s actions, you can act as a cushion and give them a softer landing.

When you help other people, it’s not just their life that progresses but yours too. Be there for your friends and loved ones during difficult times, and you’ll be greatly rewarded.


Dwell in possibility – Emily Dickinson

Life is full of possibilities. In every circumstance, we get to choose between being leaders or victims. Leaders accept full responsibility for everything that happens around them. Victims blame others and complain about their circumstances.

When you take full responsibility for everything that happens around you, your life becomes filled with opportunities and possibilities. When you blame others and complain about your circumstances, you will fail to see the possibilities that life brings to you.


Make tomorrow with today – Elizabeth Barrett

You can never live in the past or the future. Your life is always in the present moment. It’s easier to fall into the trap of thinking about the past or the future so much that we forget the present moment. And yet the present moment is the key to a successful life. Your tomorrow can only be made by what you do today.


Happiness is not for the future but for the present – Jim Rohn

Most people fall into the trap of postponing their happiness. They think that when they buy a new house or a dream car, they’ll be happy. They achieve their goals, and joy still eludes them. The key to having a cheerful and successful life is knowing that happiness is a choice, and it should be felt in the present moment.

If you’re not happy at the moment, take a break and start focusing on yourself. Meditate, write a journal, take a vacation. Happiness is within you, not outside.


Each day has its gifts – Marcus Aurelius

Every day has its gifts if you take the time to reflect every day. As the saying goes, a life not examined is not worth living. Most peoples’ lives are filled with experience and not wisdom because they do not take their time to reflect on their daily actions and behaviors.

Before you sleep every day, ask yourself, “what did I do right?” and “what will I do differently next time?” These two questions will help you progress faster and stay inspired.


Inspiration is the key to creativity and success in life. The quotes discussed above will not only inspire you to move forward but will also change the experience of your life. Take your time every day to reflect on your actions and most importantly, be happy.

Sharon Hooper

Sharon is a marketing specialist and blogger from Manchester, UK. When she has a minute, she loves to share a few of her thoughts about marketing, writing and blogging with you. Currently, she is working as a marketer at Paper Writing Pro Service. You could follow Sharon on Facebook.