It’s always nice when someone adores you, when someone appreciates you, or when someone holds you as a positive object of attention. If that sounds familiar (me included), it can be quite enticing to stray from who we really are and change our behavior, just to please others to maintain their approval. 

But it’s when we start relying on that someone to provide us with a sense of wellbeing, worth, or love, that it becomes quite toxic.

Well, Abraham Hicks is here to help us break free from putting so much importance on what others think, when really, it’s about what we think about ourselves that should be addressed.


Skye Norris

Skye Norris

Among many things, Skye is a content curator and writer for FinerMinds. This warm and witty free spirit hails from bonny ol' England, and has an especial passion for skydiving (yes, really), and traveling the world.

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