Mindset for successI’ve had many major setbacks over the last three years, and through these times I’ve tried to remain positive and philosophize about being responsible for my own destiny.

Unfortunately the last bout of misfortune left me wondering, “why am I even trying to help myself by moving forward on a spiritual and physical plane, when less evolved individuals think nothing of taking away my hard work?”

During this time, I was going through a financial, emotional and spiritual crisis while struggling to remain positive. I realized that in order to get through life’s tough times, a lot of it comes down to expectations and seeing what opportunities you have in front of you.

When you’re connected to your higher self, and you walk down your path with deep grace and acceptance of each moment as it comes, this cannot be taken away from you.

If, on the other hand, your expectations are beyond what the present moment is offering you, and your focus is on the attainment of the physical things – you are at the whim of external forces; making setbacks much harder to deal with.

By adopting a looser and easier hold on life – as a result of trying to control things less and taking time to observe new opportunities as they surface – you’ll find it easier to move through life with more love and grace when faced with a setback.

For each path that ends, another springs up in its place. But in order to see the new door, you must not be rigidly fixated on the old one. You must be able to accept the changes in your life, then readjust to the new way of being and move forward.

 Owning your life and taking responsibility for it must begin right now, in this moment. It begins with releasing your anger and resentment toward others, and even toward yourself in the past, and owning each new moment.

I am totally responsible for responding to what life has brought my way. I can respond with anger and use up all my energy by beating down a door that has closed. Or I can stop, take a deep breath and look around. I can turn away from the closed door and see what else is around me and use the energy and opportunities that I have right now. I can also recognize the good in my life and offer thanks for all the wonderful things that I have.

Respond to what is in front of you. It is placed there by the Universe. Give love to the people who are with you right now. Care for yourself, your emotional and physical health, and do things that are in your best interest.

Fill your heart with joy – simply because you are alive and taking one more breath. Smile and extend a helping hand. Take the time to practice that skill you need to build up. Respond with love, compassion and understanding, instead of anger and fear. Do this and the future will unfold in beauty and joy – as all you can own is right now.

If you’ve gone through difficult times and were able to shift your mindset, tell us how this changed your situation for you. Did new and more impressive opportunities arise? We’d love to hear about it below:)

Rebecca Ann

Rebecca Ann

Rebecca Ann is a teacher of personal growth for over 30 years, a college instructor for meditation, dreams and healing, in addition to an online class facilitator for many well known authors. She shows original approaches to thinking inside the box, outside of the box and if the box is really there.

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