There are days when we wake up full of energy and ready to act. And on other days, everything seems awfully heavy, and it’s nearly impossible to force yourself to do something.

It happens to all of us… at some point. All you need is to learn to identify the reason that has killed your motivation and find a way to overcome it.

When we were children, we learned how to ride a bicycle and multiply numbers in the head, but somehow, we haven’t learned one of the most important things – how to be happy. Happiness and motivation are closely linked. It’s may not be something we are born with, but we can obtain it.

In the following article, we share with you some insights on how to detect things that kill our motivation and give you ideas on how to deal with them.

1. “Toxic” people.

Even one single person who negatively influences you, can ruin your motivation. Usually, such people think negatively, continually looking for profit in communication, criticize you, speak only about themselves and lie. Toxic people make you feel uncomfortable, guilty, and frustrated.

How to deal with this?

Identify and let these people go away from your life. Analyze your environment. Who is taking you down? Limit all interactions with those people or quickly say them goodbye.

One of the most important factors for healthy self-esteem and motivation is your environment. Be with people who support, appreciate, admire you.

2. Pessimism.

If you are not diagnosed with clinical depression, pessimism is just a bad habit.

Many people develop such mental models from childhood as their parents thought the same way. Others let pessimism become part of their life after a painful event: the death of the closest one, family illness, job loss, etc. People can leave with negative emotions for years and make them a part of their life.

How to deal with this?

  • Record your achievements and make a list of gratitude.
  • Read articles and books that inspire you.
  • Subscribe on bloggers, celebrities, coaches that share their insights on success and motivation.

Make it your daily habit. List your small and grand victories; write everything that you are proud of. Periodically look through the list, especially if you have an important upcoming event or decision. Remind yourself of your abilities in difficult moments.

3. Limiting yourself.

We frequently think that rich people live in affluence and have a lot of opportunities. And those, who are not lucky enough should limit themselves. It’s based on the constant feeling of fear. Many people have no concept “this and another one,” as they stick to “this or this.” Think, what makes you choose, instead to have all you want?

How to deal with this?

Realize that the way you think is leading you backward. Only working with your priorities and attitudes will allow you to see more opportunities you haven’t mentioned before. If you are ready to face something new, you will see how many doors are opened for you.

4. Constantly looking for excuses.

Excuses are stopping you from doing more. Yes, it’s easier to say that you have no time for education or your income doesn’t allow to save money. Are you sure that you can’t?

How to deal with this?

Face the fact that your future is important. And you are the only person who can change it. Define the things that matter, and then you can sincerely answer the question of whether you need to do something. Only then you will find time for studying and save a certain sum of money every day. Even small steps will help you come to the desired aim.

5. Lack of planning.

Some people think that they don’t need a plan and go with the flow. While others make a detailed plan and feel miserable when something is not going as planned. These two situations have the same nature: you can’t set the realistic goals.

When you first face a new challenge or opportunity, you’re often a little scared. Overcoming all difficulties along with the fear of failure distracts and knocks us down.

How to deal with this?

Write down everything you need to become successful. Divide the overall goal into small goals that you can easily control. Now you have a detailed map of how to get to the end point. Every time you take a step, you become more prepared. And at the same time, you gain confidence and skills. After achievement of the goal, praise yourself, celebrate a small victory and move on.

6. Concentrating on previous failures.

It’s one of the main reasons for poor motivation, especially when it comes to something new for you.  Our memory slips past negative experiences when we tried to do something and failed. The inner voice reminds you that you have already ruined everything the last time, and this time it will be exactly the same.

How to deal with this?

Remember that failures are your growth area. Repeat this phrase in every situation when you have made a mistake. Change your attitude towards failures. It gives us the opportunity to learn and play an important role in our personal development. Only those who do nothing don’t fail.

7. Worrying about what other people think.

The desire to please everyone, get approval and win love can significantly affect your life. When you constantly want to be liked by everyone, you can forget who you really are. As a result, you become a constantly worried person with a sense of little self-worth.

How to deal with this?

Make your choice based on what you want, not what others expect of you. Take total responsibility for your life. Take a break and watch yourself. Face your dark sides that you are trying to hide from others, understand what you want, and set the limits. Don’t let others turn you into the position of the victim.

8. Fear of doing something new.

The fear of the new is of people’s nature. We are afraid of losing what we have. Maybe we don’t want to change something as it may worsen our lives. Or we’re scared of new responsibility because we think that won’t be able to cope with it. For example, you continue working for the company you hate because you are afraid to leave it.

How to deal with this?

Make a list of your fears and think of small challenges for yourself. It could be anything: meet the seller of your favorite store, sing in karaoke (especially if you always wanted), make a speech in a speech club, or invite a stranger for coffee. The main thing is to prove yourself, to do something absolutely unusual to you and add a little confidence in your life.

9. Burnout.


Working with tight deadlines, constant workload, and pressure can lead you to total exhaustion. When you run out of energy, it’s very easy to lose sight of why you even started to do something. As a result, you can lose motivation and stop doing anything at all.

How to deal with this?

First, you need to take a rest. When you will feel refreshed, make a list of personal goals for the year (if you haven’t done it previously). Then write down three reasons why you should do certain work now: drink smoothie instead of wine, go to the gym, contact the prospective customer that annoys you, etc. Keep these notes behind your eyes and take a look at them every time you need a snitch.

Following even several points from the list, you will surely make your life better. Just remember that to become better you need to work on yourself every day of your life.

Matthew Finnigan

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