Have you ever woken up incredible inspired and pumped about the exciting dream that you had?

All dreamy eyed, you excitedly get up to walk towards your computer to record it before it’s gone.

But before you could take your first step, the dreams fall apart as you fall in your current reality trap.

The bills. The emails. The tasks. The kids. The …

It needs to stop now — you need to start following your dreams today.

Here are some reasons that will make you take your first steps today:

1. This is your life. Make it worthwhile.

This is your life. Why live by the rules society around you has laid?

Why not question the status quo? Why not make your life the way you want to?

Why not make it worth it?

2. You will help others.

Here is a wake up message for you: you are an amazing person and you always wanted to help others.

Remember when you were a child how you would help anyone you could? You could go back to feeling the same fulfillment you get by helping others again.

When you live your life on your terms, you not only allow yourself to really create your ideal life, you also give permission to others to live it fully.

3. You will find things you never imagined.

Deep inside you rests a pandora of secrets. Super powers you have, secret recipes to success you have already known.

You will also find the giddy child that has been meaning to break free and show the world how to have fun — while living the life of their dreams.

You will find another you, untapped, unexplored, seeking to live its fullest potential.

“Let me through — I am ready,” your soul may say. You just need to listen to it.

4. You will have more confidence.

Once you start to play and truly live your life, you will find yourself brimming with confidence.

You will soon see how your radiance is giving permission to your friends and family to shine.

The people you love will find a new, confident you!

5. You will rediscover and reinvent yourself.

As you step into your dream life, you will see you are constantly rediscovering yourself.

You will feel the need to reinvent. You will find so much more YOU that you may wonder where was all this gold hidden.

6. You will laugh and love more.

Once you start exploring your dream life, you will find that you love more deeply. Not just the ones that you already loved, but every soul on this planet. and beyond.

You will catch yourself smiling for no reason. You will laugh more fully — almost embarrasing your loved ones (not that they will mind!).

7. You will be constantly challenged.

You will be constantly challenged, with your newer, crazier, more exciting life as it further expands.

Then you will step into that new bigger dream life, only to find there are more exciting, joyful challenges that are waiting for you.

8. You will be happier.

Most of all, you will be happier!

Do you really need another reason to start following your dreams. Or are you ready to begin?

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is an entrepreneur. His current venture is Evercoach, the world's best destination for coaches to become better at their skill.

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