You’d love to know why you can’t hang on to those moments of happiness, wouldn’t you?

Problem is stuff happens. People mislead, mistreat or just plain cheat you.

Events happen over which you have little or no control. And because you didn’t appreciate that happiness is a bye-product and not a goal, pouffe your happiness goes up in smoke.

We spend so much time searching for happiness. Looking for it in that new job, or new home, or new city, or in that new relationship, which surely will bring us all the happiness we seek.

Except it doesn’t. It can’t.

Happiness will never be found outside of you in any external situation or experience…at least not the lasting happiness everyone desires… because it’s an internal disposition.

In is the only way out. The one way you can stop sabotaging your happiness.

So let’s start there.

1. You’re unaware of what’s happening in your head

All that you see, all that you experience, first found expression in the mind and then it became manifested in the outside world. If you remember this then, when the fog of unhappiness sets in, you can learn to override what your mind is telling you. You can override what others say and even what you are currently experiencing.

If you allow it to be in control, your mind will revisit negative stories from the past, or try to persuade you of all the logical reasons why something is happening in your life. Both of which can depress your happiness. This is the time to dig your heels in, to take back control, and decide for yourself what is worthy of your attention and what isn’t.

Bearing in mind that the seeds of your happiness lie in your attention, it’s vital that you practice being aware of your everyday, normal, method of thinking, so you can deliberately write a new script for your life. This way you’re giving yourself a starting point from which you can move in the direction of your choice.

So it’s awareness, then practice dear ones.

2. You carry forward negative energy from one event to the next

Putting a stop to this with one simple tool is great way for making sure you’re staying in your happy zone. It also helps you press on after a disappointment or if you become disillusioned during the day. And remember it’s not those who never get disappointed who grow in strength and wisdom, but those who face the challenges, take a deep breath and turn towards a better moment.

It isn’t a complicated process. Each time you move from one project to another, regardless of how well it went, or didn’t, take a minute, close your eyes and envision the outcome of your next project or task.

For instance, if you leave your office, or home, envision the outcome of your journey to your next destination. If you’re running late, take a minute to see in your mind’s eye that you arrive at the perfect time.

Each time you turn from one task, project, or journey to another, regardless of the length of time you spent or will be spending, and you commit to your vision of what your next experience will be, you’ll discover the power of your imagination is a true force, pushing you forward towards your next happy moment.

You will no longer be carrying forward any negativity from the previous event, giving yourself a greater chance to experience more and lasting happiness, because you’re creating a mental ideal of every experience being happy, fun and easy.

And that is an awesome way to live your life.

3. You hang on to grudges

Think about it. You’re holding a grudge. You feel angry or resentful each time you think of that person or that event, and all that happens is that you poison your inner well of happiness.

A happy life will never be found until you determine to finally let go of the hurt and anger that’s buried in the deep of your heart. Grudges are for those who are willing to let a lifetime go by and all they have to show for it is a distant memory of something or someone that caused them hurt.

Don’t let this be you.

Nothing empowers your inner joy and happiness more than looking at everything that happens through the eyes of love and yes, forgiveness.

The things that happened to you in the past were lessons learned. The good things that will happen in your future are because you can wisely use those lessons. Don’t miss your chances for greater happiness by revisiting wrongs and holding bitterness in your heart. It’s not okay to do this and you deserve better.

4. You’re living an accidental life

No… this doesn’t mean you have a life filled with accidents. It simply means you are unaware of the impact of not living consciously. And since the greatest force in the universe is consciousness and you are part of it…this matters…a lot!

A thought in your head or an emotion within you determines the nature of your experiences. And to have that happy life, you must have happiness within.

So start right now to devote some time to positive, constructive thinking. If you hear a rumor or gossip and it doesn’t contribute to your happiness, don’t accept it as a part of your life. Practice becoming indifferent to what you hear that is negative and decide what it is that you wish you’d heard.

It might seem strange, but when you practice separating yourself from your thoughts then you become a conscious being; aware of the connection between your thoughts, feelings and life experiences.

Your thoughts are 100% reliant on you for their survival. And by investing a little time in making sure they are in harmony with your dreams you will have a wonderful, radiant, happy future. It really is the way for peace and happiness to grow in your life.

5. You’ve forgotten

The fundamental way you perceive and experience life is ‘as within so without.’ Nothing comes into being but that it originated in your mind. What you think, what you accept as true, and your every reaction to life are building your future.

Happiness vibrations act like a magnet that attract more happiness to you. Happiness outside of yourself doesn’t exist, but if you set up a happy vibration within, then more of the outer experiences will be happy ones.

Those whose natural state is happiness, and I confess to being one of them, have momentum on their side. If this isn’t you yet, don’t worry. There are many tools and techniques you can use to attract more happiness, success or whatever it is you desire that is in harmony with your dreams.

A simple one to start with is acknowledgement. Create an acknowledgement list of experiences you had that were happy. When you think and feel happy, you are vibrating with the happiness energy and act accordingly. No longer will your happiness be in the hands of anything outside of yourself.

Your acknowledgement list can be general or specific.

Such as: “I had a wonderful conversation with my partner.”

Or “People like to be around me because I’m a really good listener.”

Write things that highlight the qualities you possess that have created happiness for you, or that you know will lead to happy experiences in your future.

You can use this principle for success, or financial well being, or even health.

Final thoughts

There’s an art to being happy, if you can extract happiness out of common, everyday, moments you will have captured the art of happiness.

The universe is endlessly bountiful and you are a creative being. Just radiate happiness from within and everything your heart truly desires must come to you. Isn’t that an awesome reason to take a new approach to life and release old patterns that sabotage your happiness?

Encourage one another.

Love Elle

Elle Sommer

Elle Sommer

Elle is the founder of Live Purposefully Now, a website that centres around spiritual, emotional and financial transformation. She’s on a mission to empower others to do what matters most to them and shares tools and ideas for manifesting positive changes to help create the best life possible. If you want to find success and love and be happier join her at Live Purposefully Now or on Facebook.   You can also get free instant access to her popular Success Simplified ebook for the tips, techniques and secrets of successfully living the life you want.

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