19 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Your Conscious Mind

Today is everyday. And everyday is an opportunity to learn something fabulous about who you are.

Think of your life as a giant goodie basket. Everything you are is in this basket – successes, losses, struggles, and joys. These goodies give you the strength to meet life’s challenge and gain personal and professional success. With a conscious mind, life can be a day-by-day opportunity for growth and transformation.

Maybe it’s just a human thing, but I think we spend a lot of time seeking help from outside resources to find happiness and fulfillment. We listen to presentations on how to reinvent ourselves, how to increase happiness, how to reduce stress and manage emotions, and how to self-actualize. I’ve even consulted gurus and clairvoyants to predict a happy future. But the truth is everything we need to know, all the happiness we can ever have is inside of us.

Here are 19 amazing things you can learn about yourself by living a conscious and wholehearted life:

1. Your conscious mind leads you to the purpose of your life.

You are the creator of your actions and thoughts. You determine the purpose of your life with the clarity of a conscious mind. You already have everything inside of you to live with purpose, fulfillment and joy. Learn from yourself and trust in your capacity to build an awesome life.

2.Your conscious mind leads you to right intention. 

Most people have difficulty making the right decisions. Your conscious mind allows you to access a deeper understanding about what will determine focus in you life. Your greater awareness gives you more opportunity to set intentions and work through old patterns and habits that get in the way of what you really want.

3. Your conscious mind helps you strategize your life.

Your conscious mind helps you negotiate complex social relationships in your environment. It measures your social awareness and evolves social beliefs and attitudes: your values, needs and desires. Only you can understand the meaning and significance of what gives value to your life.

4. Your conscious mind helps manage fear.

You are the only person who can acknowledge your fears and release them from your unconscious mind. When that happens, your conscious mind can manage your fears. Fear brings negative energy into your life, so it’s crucial to turn the negative into a positive, which reduces the fear of the unknown.

5. Your conscious mind connects the 18 inches between your head and heart.

There are 18 inches between your head and your heart. It’s an awesome idea that you “think with the mind of your heart.” The heart is a powerful energy center that represents a generosity of spirit, forgiveness, love and passion. When the mind and heart are connected, you live in balance with your feelings.

6. Your conscious mind makes great decisions.

Your conscious awareness is the most important tool available to you when making great decisions. Quiet the mind and start from to a place of peace. It is then you’ll discover the truth inside yourself

7. Your conscious mind finds humor.

Humor is the great leveler in life. Humor has the power to turn a disappointing moment into a funny, even happy moment. Conscious awareness of the irony of life, its often random, quirky nature and its unpredictability adds humor to life.

8. Your conscious mind sustains positive energy.

Energy levels vary throughout your day. When you are not fully present, mood variations cause discomfort. The key to sustaining mood balance and positive energy is staying aware of the present moment.

9. Your conscious mind believes in you first.

There are hundreds of opportunities in your environment that tempt you to doubt yourself on a daily basis. If you are mindfully aware of those moments, you will not fall into self-doubt. Mindfulness keeps you awake and vigilant to the awesome strength of your being.

10. Your conscious mind tells you when it’s time to change.

A situation is getting too difficult; a relationship is over; it’s time to move on. How do you know this?  You conscious mind indicates the direction of change. If you settle for not being fully aware, change will never come.

11. Your conscious mind tells you not to be anyone other than who you are.

Finding your authentic self requires a conscious mind. You know that every being is a unique individual, yet sometimes your uniqueness gets lost in other people’s opinions and judgments. Your conscious mind reinforces the idea not to be anyone other than who you are.

12. Your conscious mind knows your external achievements do not overshadow your inner happiness.

Successes, achievements, notoriety, celebrity are external manifestations of who you are. These externals are fleeting and unpredictable. Your conscious mind knows that your inner being is what gives you true joy and pleasure in life.

13. Your conscious mind inspires creativity.

Everyone wants to be creative. The path to creativity is recognizing your vulnerabilities. Your conscious mind transforms your emotions into inspiration, then to imagination giving clarity to new ideas and possibilities.

14. Your conscious mind reminds you to care for your health and wellness. 

When you’re not feeling well, staying present is difficult. Bringing yourself to full awareness when you are not feeling well allows you to handle physical discomfort with greater skill. However, the key to great health is daily awareness of your wellness. A strong mind/body/spirit connection dials back reoccurring physical illness as well as depression, anxiety or other mental conditions.

15. Your conscious mind directs you to the next opportunity.

My friend always says: “Behind every door is an opportunity.” But the opportunity exists because your mind is fully conscious and aware of a potential possibility. If you are in a mindless state, under the conscious radar, you won’t see that next opportunity. Seize it and find growth.

16. Your conscious mind allows you to take risks. 

Knowing that your conscious mind – a mind that is always present – brings you so many gifts gives you the opportunity to embrace uncertainty, dare to take leaps of faith, and make glorious mistakes. The conscious mind knows there is no such thing as failure.

17. Your conscious mind can lead you to love.

How is it that we often miss the signs and signals that love is standing in front of us? Some say, in that case, you are not really looking for love. Yet, if you are looking for love, your conscious mind can lead you to love. A conscious mind is clear and uncluttered and will recognize when love is present.

18. Your conscious mind tells you life isn’t perfect.

One of the great pleasures of life is the knowledge that life isn’t perfect. Life is full of pleasures and joys, but it also has its disappointments and struggles. You conscious mind guides you through these mountains and valleys while balancing your mind, body and spirit.

19. Your conscious mind finds peace.

To have a peaceful mind requires a fully conscious mind, a mind that is aware of the energy inside of you, the energy around you and the openness of your heart. A closed an unforgiving heart will never bring you peace. A peaceful state requires a quiet mind that surrenders and accepts the present moment.

Remember you are the creator of your actions and thoughts. You have everything inside of you to live with fulfillment and joy. Learn from yourself and trust in your capacity to build an awesome life.