Writer Matt Collman says there are different kinds of consciousness. You’ve probably heard of some of these before. There’s the conscious mind, which he says has to do with the physical activity of the brain. But then there’s the subconscious, the unconscious, the superconscious, spirit consciousness, and maybe, some other kinds of consciousness as well. Here are his descriptions of each of these. This is from the community website Global Healing Exchange, and we’re reprinting it in full hear for your convenience.

Exploring Consciousness

by Matt Collman

The Conscious Mind

Consciousness pertaining to the physical body. More specifically, the consciousness produced by the brain. There may be few or many levels contained within this state of consciousness, depending on the individual. This is a result of different areas of the brain. Multiple areas can be active at any given time. Parts of the brain considered dormant can be active. Parts of the brain, not currently understood, demonstrate more or less activity in different individuals. There are variations in the overall activity of the brain. Different parts of the brain can be active simultaneously, and become unified in their activity. Therefore, the number of levels within the conscious mind will vary with each individual. There are levels considered deeper than other levels, and levels that are equal to one another. All the levels have different functions, capacities, and abilities.

The Subconscious Mind

Consciousness pertaining to the ethereal body. The ethereal body is the electromagnetic field of the physical body. The brain, the cells, the nucleotides, the subatomic particles, all respond to the consciousness of the ethereal body (more commonly called the subconscious mind). The currently known electromagnetic spectrum is incomplete. Quantum physics and string theory have opened a whole new range of probabilities. Therefore, the full extent of the subconscious mind is unknown. There are many levels. All DNA memory (evolutionary memory) and atomic memory is contained within this system of consciousness. The ethereal body is the consciousness of matter. Matter is condensed energy held together by force. Energy emits or radiates, hence the electromagnetic spectrum. The ethereal body is the prism, through which the aura is emanated. Chi, Kundalini energy, and the acupuncture meridians are within the ethereal body.

The Unconscious

Consciousness pertaining to the subtle body. This is the body that contains the chakras. The chakras are energy centers that are plugged into the ethereal body. The subtle body is the body that holds all past life memory. This includes the memory of other forms of existence, whether on earth or in other star systems. The size of the subtle body is relative to the form it is inhabiting. When not in a form, the subtle body can shape shift into the likeness of any form it has experienced. The subtle body is multidimensional and its experience is not limited to dimensions within the known universe. The subtle body is the vehicle and expression of the soul, transporting it throughout time and space. The subtle body has no beginning or end.

The soul can dissolve the subtle body into itself. This can only occur when the subtle body is not inhabiting a form, and not experiencing karma. There are periods when karma is absent. These periods are as long as the soul wants them to be, and they are outside of time and space, a paradox. These are the heavenly realms and they are infinite. After experiencing these states of being, for however long, the desire to become more aware is aroused. When the desire becomes intense enough, the soul decides to reenter time and space, bringing out the subtle body again. The journey continues. Karma is then accumulated and absolved throughout another phase of existence.

The laws of karma are a mystery. At the level of the subtle body, karma is requirement or obligation. At the level of the soul, karma is what the soul ‘signed up for,’ so to speak. The subtle body emanates the force that is perceived as the aura. The consciousness of the subtle body, or unconscious, has many levels. The subtle body is both male and female. The unconscious knows no bounds, hence the ‘collective unconscious.’

The Superconscious

Consciousness pertaining to the soul. Language becomes inadequate at these levels. The use of paradox is necessary. The soul exists in and out of time, simultaneously. The soul is a part and the whole of the oversoul, simultaneously. The soul can have a number of parts, existing in various places, times, and dimensions. The soul and its parts are one. The soul can gather its parts into the body it is inhabiting. This is called soul retrieval. Some parts may be incarnated themselves, in whichever species, wherever, whenever. The soul is either the essence of yin or the essence of yang. At these levels, the essence of yin or yang is devoid of feminine and masculine principles. A yin soul can be in a male body. A yang soul can be in a female body. Then, of course, a yin soul can be in a female body and a yang soul can be in a male body. Each occurrence may or may not influence sexual preference. The soul, its parts (if there are any left), and the oversoul are either yin essence or yang essence. The oversoul is a god or goddess.

The soul can choose to give up its identity with complete surrender and forever merge into the oversoul, becoming the oversoul. The oversoul is on an evolutionary path itself. The soul can also choose independence from the oversoul, and is oversoul to its parts. The soul can also choose both, or neither of these two scenarios. Oversouls can have oversouls, parts can have parts, infinitely. The soul has no beginning and no end. Consciousness of the soul is inexplicable.

Spirit Consciousness

Consciousness pertaining to spirit. Spirit is in all that is. Spirit is the essence pervading the infinite infinities. Spirit inhabits everything, even space itself. Spirit inhabits everything contained in space. Spirit inhabits the fabric of empty space. It is the distinctness of things that gives spirit unique signatures. Spirit is the essence inhabiting the soul. Spirit is also the essence of ‘matter’. The soul gives its spirit a unique signature and the ‘matter’ of the physical body gives its spirit a unique signature. When those two signatures become the same, the physical body becomes immortal. This is a result of the quarks, within hadrons, separating from one another. When gluons redirect their force, quarks separate, undergoing a mutation. This sets in motion a nuclear chain reaction. The atoms transmute. Nucleotides transmute. The entire organism transmutes into another dimension, subject to different laws of physics.

Then the organism can no longer be perceived by the physical senses of the third dimension. The new dimension the organism enters is within the universes, not outside of them. Entering dimensions outside of universes is another process, not involving the physical body. When the physical body transmutes into another dimension, this is not the same as an evolutionary leap. An evolutionary leap occurs as a result of drastic changes in the environment. It is a process of adaptation. ‘Junk DNA’ is a preparatory occurrence for the next phase of evolution, that will result from drastic changes in the environment.

When the environment changes drastically, ‘junk DNA’ will reorganize, effecting adaptation. The atoms ‘know’ when this will occur. There is a direct relationship between the atoms in this solar system and the sun. The sun has a life span itself. The sun goes through changes as it advances through time. These changes effect everything in this solar system. The sun ‘knows’ as well. The sun has awareness and consciousness. Spirit inhabits the sun and everything else. Spirit consciousness is unfathomable.

Other Consciousness

Spirit has infinite levels within and infinite levels without. Within is without.

Have you ever heard of ‘Spirit Consciousness’? Do you agree with Matt that when our ‘junk DNA’ starts activating, our environment – and maybe this Spirit Consciousness, will come more fully ‘online’? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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