I just love working with feelings of anger when dealing with the Law of Attraction. Now, why would anyone love anger you may be wondering?

Because for a conscious person, the feeling of anger is an important message. Anger tells us so much about how we’re really feeling and about what we are creating via the Law of Attraction. Some of the most important work you can do to massively transform your life is to learn how to feel, move and use the energy of anger through tapping.

Firstly, you have to understand why we get angry. I can tell you exactly why you have been angry every time in your life. It was because something seemed unfair to either you or someone you love. Anger is always a sense of unfairness and it always feels justified. Yes, even when we feel guilty about carrying the anger, there’s that little voice that says, “But, I am right!”

Many well-meaning people tell us not to be angry, to “get over it” and that we’re supposed to forgive. This is true, however it’s not that easy to really let go and forgive while anger is still brewing inside of you. This is why we can tell the same story to 10 people and get worked up each time. It is especially difficult to let go of anger when the person treating us unfairly isn’t sorry, or when it feels like we have no power in the situation.

If you let it speak, your anger is always saying “this feels so unfair, I was wronged!” Try changing the word from anger to outrage and be outraged for yourself, and start tapping and voicing it. Outrage is a big rising energy that will move, release and fill you with the readiness to make a change. This is where it gets good.

This is raw, life force energy and will remind you of something very important….if you’re willing to tap and “rant” in that tirade of voicing “this is unfair”, the next sentence is logically, “I deserve better!” Your anger is reminding you that you do deserve better.

So when we tap on anger, it is truly honoring us. It is the part of you that congruently believes you deserve better. This part is not often heard over the inner critic that always says, “I don’t deserve it yet, because I am not perfect!”

It also feels pretty great to just really rant and complain loudly (instead of bottling it up inside), while knowing that the tapping is actually clearing and healing. Not only will your anger calm down and bring a feeling of empowerment, but your inner feeling of deserving will skyrocket.

A phenomenon I see all the time with tapping and voicing anger is that someone who’s insecure or can’t set boundaries, will come to a new level of feeling worthy and deserving. Suddenly, they will find themselves more annoyed at the negative people or situations in their life.

That’s how we know it’s working. The negative things in their life they used to accept suddenly trigger some anger that says, “Hey, I deserve better!” And with that rise in energy, they can set a boundary, make a change and take a step up.

When we honor and raise our deserving, the Universe will respond instantly and deliver to us new results in our life that match our new higher level of deserving. It does not wait.

Because of this, I love anger because it points us so clearly in the direction of how we can massively increase our abundance. We all know exactly what we are angry about, what feels unfair to us, and now we know the huge upside of honoring that outrage for ourselves and moving beyond it.

So get out there, and tap and rant on that anger which is linked to everything that feels unfair. Really get to the bottom of it. As the anger moves and clears, you’ll feel a more balanced perspective and can then ask yourself this important question, “What is all this anger calling me to do in my life right now?”

Just as importantly, notice how much energy is flowing through your body due to all that anger-tapping. This is the energy you need to put your foot down to set boundaries, take a huge step up and transform your life!

In addition to the above video, which shows how you can tap on anger and turn it into abundance, Margaret has also provide us with a practical follow-up video on transforming anger into a breakthrough.

We’d love to hear from you if you try the techniques in these videos, and whether they help you to release your anger. Please share your views below.