Albert Einstein once said “the only real valuable thing is intuition.

Not something our 7th grade teachers would like us declaring around exam time, right? But if one of the most credible and widely acclaimed scientists of of all time was holding intuition in higher esteem than so-called facts and figures, it’s a pretty hard concept to shoot down.

Check out this video of David Morelli at last year’s Awesomeness Fest (the coolest personal growth event on the planet) where he tells his personal true life story of trusting intuition (including how he met his wife!).

And keep your ears peeled for ‘The Inner Chamber’ – his guided meditation exercise designed to connect you with your own intuition.


Is there a time you’ve listened to your intuition and had great results? Share your story in the Comments section below and hopefully together we can inspire people to start trusting their own inner voice!

P.S. Are you harnessing the power of your intuition?

When used correctly, intuition can be your most powerful asset. If you want to learn how to tune into your intuition, check out Sonia Choquette’s transformational course Awaken Your Intuition.

FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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