A huge part of mindfulness, spirituality, and integrity is setting an intention for what you are doing. This could be for setting an intention for your day and how you’d like it to go, the intention you have for your business, or for manifesting something in your life.

At the foundation of everything there is some kind of intention. For every ‘what’ you do, there is a ‘why’ you do it.

There is a serious magic in having a clear intention, for any and all reasons. Big and small, personal and worldly. Why is this such a crucial part of how our lives work, though? Why is setting clear intentions so important from our day to day lives to the big picture of our purpose? I am so excited for you to find the answers for those questions and others within this post!

Without clarity we often have little to no footing. Without a reason, a purpose, a vision, etc., there is no ground for us to stand on in why we do what we do. This applies to what we eat, what we drink, where we buy things, why we buy things, why we do certain things within our lives, why you do the kind of work that you do, and so much more.

If you are starting a business, but you have no clear intention for that business and how it may impact the world, you will not only lose motivation to carry that business into success, but you will lack support from other people and the Universe. You’ve got to have a clear vision to hold close and call upon when you are tired and need inspiration. You’ve got to have clear intentions set with the Universe so that beautiful thing called co-creation can occur.

If you are trying to manifest something, but you have no clear intentions for why you are manifesting that thing, the same will happen. Clarity is something that really opens up the lines of communication. If you are clear about why/when/where/how you are doing something, it becomes easier for others to align with you just as it does for the Universe.

When you can stand in your clarity of intention, you become unshakable.

Nothing can change your story outside of you, your intentions, and the co-creation at work.

When you can hold your crystal-clear vision close, you become powerful, whereas if your vision wasn’t exactly clear, you are a little less strong and a little less capable.

When you have clear intentions set, you are so much closer to your visualization becoming reality. Without clarity, dreams cannot manifest. As it is harder to find a light switch in the dark, it is harder to bring a dream to fruition without clarity of what the dream is.

So you see, setting clear intentions is the foundation of the manifestation and realization of almost everything.

Clarity is the doorway to our success, and lack thereof is the doorway to our failure.

This intention setting relates to everything within your life and mine, from the ways we speak to family, to what kind of work we choose to do, to how we choose to show up to life, to who we vote for and why we vote for them or not.

Let this new found understanding inspire your life this week. Let it empower you to bring more light into your life as well as others. Let this knowing help you to discover all of your personal intentions clearly so that you may set them in place and begin creating even more magic within your life.