International Women’s Day is here, and we hope that you managed to prepare surprises for all the important women in your life.

To create the right mood, we offer you some interesting facts about this special holiday and females in general. Are you ready to join the celebration of femininity this year?

1. The First International Women’s Day

Do you know how long we have been celebrating this particular women’s holiday? More than a hundred years! The first celebrations dedicated to women occurred in the United States of America in 1908, but they were not yet international. The first International Women’s Day happened two years later, in 1911, in various cities throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

2. A mess with the date

Did you know that March 19 was the date of the first International Women’s Day? The first time, when the holiday took place on March 8, came in 1914, the year when World War I began.

3. Gifts

If you had to guess, what would you say are among the most popular presents for Women`s Day? Flowers and chocolate, of course! At least in most European countries.

In other countries of the world, they have their own local customs associated with this particular date.

4. Days off

Did you know that Women`s Day is an official holiday in 28 countries of the world? Also, many other countries also celebrate this particular day, but not as an official holiday.

5. Women’s Day for women only

As mentioned above, in many countries, Women`s Day is a public holiday. However, did you know that there are countries where this day is festive only for women? Exactly so – the holiday International Women’s Day applies only to women in China, Macedonia, Madagascar, and Nepal. For all men in these countries, Women`s Day is just another regular work day.

6. Right to vote

International Women’s Day is not only a celebration of feminine beauty, intelligence, diligence, and accuracy, but also the triumph of their historic struggle for equality.

Did you know that New Zealand was the first country in the new era to give females voting right in 1893?

7. Themes

Do you know that International Women’s Day has a specific theme every year? This year, the United Nations chose “Inspiring Changes” topic.

Sounds intriguing, no?

8. Ladies against gentlemen

The fair sex is more important than the stronger one. Why do we dare to say that? Because there are fewer representatives of the fair sex in the world than the stronger sex!

The difference isn’t huge. At an average, for every hundred females, there are 101 males. This approximate figure applies to most of the world`s countries with some exceptions.

For example, in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, there are many more gentlemen than ladies, whereas, in some European countries, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine, the fair sex predominate.

9. Food and females

According to research by some humanitarian organizations, women produce about half of the food on Earth. In reality, they own only about one percent of the world’s farming land, and we are talking about equality?

10. Venus, my goddess

Did you know that the symbol, which is sometimes used to denote the feminine (♀), is also a symbol of the planet Venus and the Roman goddess Venus? It should symbolize the hand mirror. Then it is not surprising that women are the fair sex!

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