Ever wanted to bridge the gateway between reality and your dreams?

Lucid dreaming is a process that allows you to consciously manipulate your involvement in your dreams as they’re occuring. It can be incredibly vivid and realistic, and can be used in dream therapy for nightmare recession, helping patients to exert some control over their dreams.

However, for those who want to connect more with their private dream landscape while slumbering, lucid dreaming can allow you to experience your own fantasy realm where everything can seem as real as your waking reality.

For this reason, lucid dreaming is of interest to the science world as it provides further insight into metaconsciousness in the brain and the continuum of time – exploring the question of whether sleeping and wakefulness are really distinct events.

Want to learn more about lucid dreaming? Watch this two-minute video that explains how you can experience lucid dreaming by following four techniques (with some practice!).

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