For those who have been practicing the vivid art of lucid dreaming, you’ll know it can take time to master this surreal skill.

If you’ve ever started a meditation practice, then you know it takes dedication and practice to gain control of your thought process (and possibly even more so while sleeping).

Eager to learn more about how we can become the master of our dreams, we found the 5 tips in this article to be really useful, especially the first one about resisting the urge to multitask.

When you first start out lucid dreaming, it’s only natural to want to create your amazing fantasy-like dreamworld straight away. But it’s best to master one skill, such as flying, before you learn how to walk on water, for example.

The “skills” you can apply to each dream are endless as your imagination, however, mastering a few basic techniques first will help you eventually be able to create any dream world you like.

Read the full article here, or to learn more about lucid dreaming watch this cool video.