If you observe a bee you will be observing the highest form of success in action.

How so? I’ll tell you in just a moment. But first…

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I didn’t have to work as much as I do, wouldn’t that be good?”

But have you ever considered this: work can actually be a way you escape from yourself?

I’m not just talking about the work you do in your place of employment, but also housework and projects at home.

You may look at work as an obligation and resist the work you’re doing. And constantly be thinking about the time you’ll get off work; your lunch hour, your evening, your weekends, the time you’ll be able to relax, etc. You may even think of yourself as “stuck in a meaningless job.”

But here’s the thing: what if your work (and all that work entails) is NOT the real problem? And what if boredom, restlessness and anxiety about your work are NOT the real problems either? What if the THOUGHTS of “I wish it were lunch time already” or “I can’t wait till I’m off work at the end of the day” was the real problem.

It’s your thoughts of resistance to what is (e.g., your work) that are the cause of boredom, restlessness, anxiety and seeking future relief.

Those thoughts cause work to feel like, well, work! So the smart thing to do is release those thoughts of “this is boring…” “I want to be finished already.” “I can’t wait till the end of the day.” “I wish there wasn’t so much to do.” “I’m never going to get all this done.”

Release all those kinds of resistance thoughts and you are free to get on, or not get on, with what is there to do right in front of you.

And when you have that freedom (to concentrate fully on what is actually happening right now, free of thoughts about it or about the future)—work suddenly becomes so much simpler and rewarding.

Although there is still action, there is NO trying or efforting involved. And stress falls away.

Instead, creativity, insight and mental energy become naturally available to you. And in that free state (also called presence or Beingness) you become much more effective and productive.

You get done what needs to be done with seemingly no effort or struggle. This doesn’t mean you stay at your job that doesn’t fit your needs or utilize your skills.

When you release (and work from a state of beingness) you’ll intuitively know when it’s time to leave a job. You’ll intuitively know how to leave under the best possible circumstances. And you’ll intuitively know the right job or employment to move on to.

Beingness will ALWAYS point you in the right direction; give you just the right answers you need, in just the right way at just the right time.

You literally cannot fail when you are in a state of Beingness; which brings us full circle back to the bee and the master success secret I mentioned at the start of this article. If you observe a bee, it will fly from flower to flower collecting pollen. Is that work? Well yes; and no.

It may look like work — and you may think of it as work. But to the bee (that is just bee-ing its natural self) flying from flower to flower collecting pollen is a joyful experience.

The bee doesn’t think: “This is boring.” “I’m tired.” “How many more flowers do I have to fly to?” “Oh, my, its hot today I could do with a nap.” Or, “I can’t wait till it’s 5 o’clock so I can clock off work for the day.”

Instead, the bee does the perfect job of flying to flowers and collecting pollen. There is action. But… There’s no struggle. No effort. No stress. And no resistance. Just action from beingness.

And everything works out perfectly with ease. Everything gets done on time. And, everything falls into place in just the right way at just the right time.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed with work — see that it is in reality with your own THOUGHTS that are the cause of that overwhelm; then simply release those thoughts and the associated feelings.

That way, your work will flow through you — and work itself out on its own.

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Larry Crane

Larry Crane

Larry Crane is a bestselling author, a self-made millionaire, and a coach to the coaches. His Release Technique has been taught to Fortune 500 companies like Wachovia Securities, Goldman Sachs and people like Coach John Wooden (the winningest basketball coach), Tom Hopkins, (leading sales trainer), Catherine Ponder (author of many bestselling books including (Secret of Unlimited Prosperity) and Norman Vincent Peale (father of Positive Thinking).

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