What would you do with an extra two hours a day?

Spend more time with your kids and nearest and dearest, exercise, prepare to host an incredible dinner party, or just curl up with a book and a nice glass of wine on the couch? Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

“If only”, you may be optimistically saying in your head…

Well, according to this infographic, the average information worker spends an astounding two hours a day searching for the right data and information needed to do their job. That’s a lot of precious time spent waiting around!

So when it comes to “if only I had more time”, we were interested in seeing what ranked highest on the wish list.

Right up there (which was surprising) was writing a bestseller, with 80% of Americans believing they have a book hidden in them. For those with children, spending time with them was, of course, high on the priority list, followed closely by planning the perfect date night for your partner (who said romance was dead?).

Do you agree that we spend up to two hours a day time waiting around for information at work? Share your views below, especially if you have any tips for productivity that have worked well in your workplace.


FinerMinds Team

FinerMinds Team

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