The 7 Chakras of Your BusinessWhen deciding on which career path to take, we all have our reasons for choosing the direction that we do.

But regardless of the path you decide, one day you may find yourself asking, “Am I making a difference?”

With a substantial paycheck not being the only indicator of satisfaction or happiness, many people are now looking for ways to do what they love and make a living from it.

So why can building a business be so challenging when your intention is so right?

I have learned that when starting, growing or managing a business, it is extremely helpful to become aware of, and clear away, any negative energy that is part of the business. By doing so, we can attract and create more growth and success.

So what negative energy am I referring to?

Just like how our bodies contain the energy of our seven chakras – the entity and energy of a business carries similar energetic weaknesses and strengths.

To learn how you can invite greater success into your business by clearing away negative energy, find out how the energy of each of your chakras is linked to different elements of a business.

Chakra 1 – Creating a Foundation

Every business needs a foundation or first chakra.

When a foundation of any building is misaligned, the entire structure will be altered. If your business isn’t built on a solid foundation and rooted in its purpose, the success that you seek will either be fleeting or not accessible in the first place.

Chakra 2 – Wealth Without Guilt

With your business founded and grounded, it is now in a position to create.

A healthy second chakra is central to feeling safe – meaning you have the freedom to create wealth without feeling guilty.

Creation happens when we are connected to our feelings and desires. Often money struggles are rooted in the energy of this chakra and show up in us feeling guilty for wanting success and money.

Chakra 3 – Proactive Power

In building a business, you must be willing to take risks, which takes me to the third chakra: our power center.

Here we claim our power without diminishing the power of others. We act from a place that is free of shame while choosing to be free of blame and avoiding adopting a victim mentality.

Choosing to act in our power zone is the pathway to creating our dreams and goals both personally and professionally.

Chakra 4 – Value Relationships

A healthy fourth chakra in your business will show up in your relationships.

A successful business is going to be all about successful relationships. Success is cultivated by creating an environment between employees and management – or the company and its client – that is free of constant criticism, abuse, guilt and rejection. Your business will instead exude acceptance of yourself and others, forgiveness, love, initiative and teamwork.

Heart makes your business stand out amidst the crowd.

Chakra 5 – Communicate Your Purpose

Communication is naturally vital to your business’ success.

The fifth chakra is the center of expressing purpose. The clearer we are with our purpose, the easier it is to communicate it in an honest way.

With all the previous chakra energies in balance, we are able to consciously communicate our vision, dreams, and purpose that provides our employees, customers and clients the opportunity to resonate with our message.

Chakra 6 – Develop Your Intuition

In building a business, it is necessary to try and foresee the unknown. The sixth chakra, (the third eye), is the center for seeing and knowing what isn’t always apparent to the human eye.

It is connected to our intellect as well as our intuition. Our “sixth sense” or intuition has a huge impact on how we experience success. When we open ourselves to inspired possibilities, we then have clarity in the different facets of our business.

Chakra 7 – Invite Divine Influence

When the seventh or crown chakra is healthy, we are connecting the spiritual with the physical.

Business decisions reflect our consciousness because we are more aware of the connection between our physical reality and our spiritual purpose. We find true meaning in our being and the way we do business.

It is very important to realize that the flow of energy is continually moving – just like the energy of a business – and that you bring your energy to your business, contributing to both its rise and fall.

A successful business requires openness to change what needs to be changed, and for inspiration to flow even into the mundane tasks. It’s also important to take ownership for your contributions, and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so your business can thrive and become a vehicle for you to live out your individual purpose.

We completely agree that our energy is tied to the success of anything that we do, how about you?


Tamarah Bartmess

Tamarah Bartmess

Tamarah Bartmess is a wife, homeschooling mother and a Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioner. As founder of, and co-founder of The Good Life Coalition, she teaches women how to reconnect to the intuition of their mind, body and spirit so they can find greater physical health, emotional satisfaction and the courage to pursue their passions.

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