In this video, one of FinerMinds’ all-time favourites (Abraham Hicks) helps a man who is stuck telling a story that no longer serves him, and finds that no matter how many books he reads, or how many affirmations he recites, he’s just unable to release his old patterns of thinking. And as with all Abraham Hicks videos, there is a happy ending.

If you have a belief that’s holding you back, or that you know is stopping something from coming into its full manifestation, it would obviously be very beneficial for you to release it… Easier said than done, granted. But there is an easy and enjoyable way to go about it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been carrying a belief with you for 5-minutes or for five decades, you DO have the power to change it, and Abraham will help you realize how in this 14-minute clip.

I could listen to Abraham Hicks all day – honestly! What did you think about the video?


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