“Wealth is not about the money,” says Roger Hamilton, it’s about following our personal flow. He says it’s about who you ARE, not what you DO, and that being an entrepreneur is kind of like surfing – you have to position yourself where the wave is going to be. Check out this vid on Wealth Dynamics to find your perfect wave.


Which of the 8 ways are you best suited to create wealth? Are you a:

  • Creator – starting products or brands
  • Star – creating sparkle
  • Supporter – magnifying others’ creations
  • Deal-maker – think: Donald Trump
  • Trader – the ‘glue’: service and leveraging others’ creations
  • Accumulator – knowing when to say ‘no’
  • Lord – focused on cash-flow
  • Mechanic – creating systems and completing creations

Is this a helpful way to look at creating wealth? Do you see yourself in one of these 8 profiles? Leave a comment and let us know.

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