As someone who took my leap of Faith many years ago and has been free-falling my dreams into reality, I have learned a few things (at least 8, actually). Here, I highlight the 8 Truths I have learned from making my dreams come true.

1. It Takes a Lot of Time

Making your dreams come alive is a full time gig. Most people work forty hours a week and at the end of the day or week don’t have the energy to invest into their passions. Instead, I recommend simplifying your life completely so that all you have left is the things that really matter. This will free up a lot of time and energy so that perhaps instead of needing to work ridiculous long hours to pay for a life you don’t like and stuff you don’t need, you can now have more free time to Create, dream and build the vision of your future, instead of someone else’s. Your time freedom is more valuable than money if you’re trading your time to do stuff that makes you miserable in exchange for a bit of money that keeps you in the rat race.

2. You Will Have to Make Sacrifices

If you take the advice from Truth number one, then you will need to let stuff go. Every choice you make comes down to the simple truth of, “It’s either aligned with your dream or it’s not.” All the things that are out of alignment with your dreams will surely have to go. You can either let it be easy and just kick the old ways to the curb OR you can remain attached and release them kicking and screaming. Either way, if you’re committed to your best life ever, you’re going to have to sacrifice some comforts, habits, belief systems and things that distract you or sway you from your mission and purpose.

3. It Will Take Tons of Energy

Building your dreams is like creating a Universe. You must realize that you are the one and only powerful creator who is and can create the reality that exists now and the one you want. Creating this higher vision will take aligning all of your thoughts, words, ideas, prayers, pass times, relationships and actions so they are all congruent with your dream. Obviously this is going to take practice, however it is the Truth. If it is to be, then it is going to be a massive energy investment. Let go of your need for it to all happen right now and instead be patient, stay present, remain 100% dedicated to your vision for the rest of your Life and enjoy the miraculous journey in front of you!

4. It Will Be Challenging

No dream has ever come true over night, just like no True heart’s desire has ever been created without challenge and set backs. Right now you are on a Hero’s Journey and the quest is to grow your energy bigger than your greatest fears and allow your dreams to become real in every waking moment. It takes a warrior’s heart and mind (not a worrier’s) to take on the journey that is in front of you, but the good news is — it is far more challenging, difficult and depressing to NOT take the risks and go after your dreams. Staying small, living little and not pursuing your heart’s passions is the hardest thing to do. So don’t do that, instead leap with enthusiasm and an openness to Trust in Life…

5. You Will Make Mistakes

It is not about getting it perfect, being perfect, having a perfect life or even knowing what the heck you’re supposed to do. We are all walking blind. This is an adventure that lasts into infinity and beyond.
The best way to get the hang of this “on the edge” kind of feeling is to try almost everything. Do new things all the time, give yourself new experiences, put yourself in new social situations and learn from everything you do and everyone you meet. If you approach life with this child-like curiosity you’ll be awestruck by how magical every moment truly is when you’re living in it.

6. Things Will Hardly Ever Go Your Way

Your sense of humour and ability to laugh will be your greatest ally on this journey. Truthfully, things hardly ever go the way you’ll intend them on paper or write them into a business plan. It’s great to have a rough idea of a plan so that you don’t just sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the Universe to tell you what to do. However, you must remain completely open to something far better showing up. Learning to laugh at your self, your silly egos (and the people you deal with) and life will surely make this adventure far more fun, entertaining and drama free. If you screw up, WHATEVER! It honestly doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the entire Universe so stop taking yourself so damn seriously! hahahahahha

7. Most People Won’t Understand

If it’s approval you want, then you better keep following the flock and doing what society, your parents and everyone else tells you to do. However, if you really do want to make your dreams manifest into your life, then you better heal your inner Child’s need for approval, acceptance and to be told what to do. This is a journey of YOUR HEART and only you can listen, hear, know and navigate your way through the labyrinth of life.

8. It Will Be Worth It

Through the ups, downs and all arounds, creating your Dreams will be the most ‘worth it’ thing you ever set out to do. There is no greater reward than to have a vision that you felt inside become real. We only have one opportunity to live this life and to not GO FOR IT would be an absolute shame and waste of time, don’t yah think? When it all seems hopeless, pointless and impossible life will throw you a lifeline that will make you laugh so hard you forget what the heck you were so stressed and worried about in the first place. Thanks life, you’re the best!

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