Zodiac gemstonesDo you have a lucky charm? Perhaps a small Buddha watching over you on your desk, a pendant that is a family heirloom, or maybe a stone that you picked up on your travels.
Whether it’s a sentimental attachment, or a stone with noted healing properties, many of us believe in their power to provide us with healing positive energy.

To learn more about the healing power of gemstones, we looked into which stones are the most beneficial for each sign of the zodiac. Every sign is said to have two earth-based stones that contain healing properties, or that provide a little luck or protection.

One of our favorites is the moonstone, which is said to absorb the healing power of the moon and is great for spiritual perception and inner growth, in addition to bringing success in love and business (a good all-rounder, right?).

Find out which gemstones are matched to your sign, or if you already use them, tell us below whether you can feel their positive energy! 

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