One of the best ways to expand your consciousness is to practice some spiritual exercises. I’m not talking about knowledge. you can read as many books as you want about everything from god to quantum physics, and while your knowledge of these subjects will be much greater, your consciousness will remain the same. Knowledge helps give context and understanding. but it’s in the action that true expansion begins.

Here’s a few spiritual exercises that can help you expand your consciousness quickly.

1. Appreciation

Sounds simple — is profound. If you make a daily habit of sitting for even 10 minutes to write a list of all the things you appreciate, in a month’s time you will expand your vibrational frequency and deepen your spiritual understanding of the preciousness of this life.

2. Meditate

Or pray. But take 15–25 minutes every day to bring your mind into at least the alpha, if not the theta state. When you do this, you build your capacity to handle stress and are much more able to handle life on your own terms. This means that where stress once consumed time and energy, you now have room for spirit to dwell.

3. ‘Yoke’ the body

The word ‘yoga’ means to ‘yoke’ together the spirit and body. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a gumby to do a little yoking of your own. Even if you sit still and totally focus on using the breath to both initiate and complete a movement — say raising and lowering an arm — in time you’ll start to unify your mind with your spirit.

4. Keep a journal

You can keep a journal where you communicate with whatever you consider to be most sacred. Whether you want to engage in a dialogue with God, ask questions of your Higher Self, request help from your Guardian Angels or simply give thanks to Source, a journal grounds you in the physical act of paying homage to Spirit.

5. Share with a friend

Find a spiritual buddy to share with. You may want to do a dream exchange, create spiritual songs or do sacred dances. Maybe you just want to share your perceptions and experiences of the Divine Hand in your life. It’s up to you. But by sharing with another, you exponentially expand the pleasure of connecting with what is most sacred to you.

Your turn!

Do you do something regularly to connect with spirit? Maybe you are part of a spiritual community like a church. Maybe you say prayers before each meal. Whatever it is, please share with us in the comments below.

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