Spiritual GuidelinesThe game of life is one that we tend to have to play with limited guidance, learning the rules through our own experiences as we go along the way. Spiritual attraction is no different, it takes time to learn who we are, and in some instances, who we want to become.

However, we can all learn to become the masters of our own destiny by attracting what we need into our lives by following spiritual guidelines.

To learn how, the article 10-Step Spiritual Guide for the Game of Life, takes you through the top 10 ways of navigating through your spiritual life to ensure you make your dreams a reality.

While all the tips in the article are useful, we thought one of the most important things in life is to believe in yourself, so this was our favorite piece of advice:

“You are something of real value and you have something unique to offer the world. Have faith that you will be supported the more you authentically reveal yourself. The whole universe conspired to create you so there is a good reason you’re here. If you’re struggling to find it, keep looking, it may be hidden. Yet, don’t get stuck on searching. Too many spiritual seekers think that they have some unique destiny to contribute to civilization (which they haven’t discovered yet), when they would be more productive in choosing a path and sticking to it and seeing the meaning in small acts of kindness. Whether you’re the Prime Minister or a street sweeper, there is meaning in your being here.”

Which spiritual guidelines resonates with you the most? Tell us below which one is your favorite and whether there’s any other mantra you live by.


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