“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Fire Monkey Year!

Welcome to a year of fun, mischief and mayhem as from Monday 8th February, 2016.

The monkey is a cheeky little devil whilst also being incredibly intelligent, loyal and helpful. It can’t help that it’s naturally curious nature  sometimes gets it into trouble!

It’s that very same curiosity that helps it evolve too, Just like anything in life — within our curses lay our blessings.

Monkeys are highly sensitive animals, actuely aware of heirachy, highly strung and energetic. Now lets add some fire to the mix and what you have is an extremely hotheaded monkey. Fire is passionate, energetic and action packed — it never stops moving, burning through anything that isn’t appropriately holding it back — and sometimes through whatever is appropriately holding it back too.

Couple this with 2016 being a number 9 year (a number all about letting go), and it seems we are in for a high energy time of burning through all that has held us back.


The Fire Monkey challenges us with an immaturity, and gifts us with a youthful optimism that we will bounce back and evolve with exuberant energy. A great definition of maturity is when someone hurts you and you don’t hurt them back, it will serve us well to remember this is year.

Watch that whatever bridges you burn this year are the ones that are too unsafe to cross. Discernment is something we must remember to take with us into 2016.

Gandhi’s 3-Monkey principle “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” concept is something I inadvertently train my tarot readers in. If you are going to be in the privileged position of having someone come to you for a reading, yet you still see the Tarot in a dual fashion as “good” or “bad,” then your client will see it that way too, reacting to everything you say in a good or bad way.

It’s the same in life. To live a balanced life one must come to the understanding that everything in life is a step on the pathway to our greater evolution; it’s neither good, nor bad, just necessary.

In order to get to that point, we often have  to do a heck of a lot of work on ourselves, clearing out the past pains within. This is where the number 9 year comes in — it’s all about clearing out the past pains within.

Be the 100th monkey this year, rather than the monkey wrench. If you hang on to your pains, the monkey is likely to make you gossip, stir, and you’ll end up in your own hot, sticky soup!

Yet if you concentrate on how the monkey has an amazing ability to bounce back with energy and evolve like wildfire, then the collective consciousness is going to progress rapidly.


Clear out your past pains, get ready for a leap in evolution and help the collective consciousness by being the 100th monkey — with massively fiery motivation.

Below are 12 questions to help you do so, you can use them in various ways: as a reading if you are into tarot or oracle cards; for coaching if you are into that; for quiet reflection to meditate on, to ask your guides or for topics to automatic write about.

Or perhaps just sit down with a cup of cocoa, and good ol’ fashioned pen and paper!

All of these practices are a way to access our inner wisdom; use the way that works for you.

All that’s needed is a bit of quiet head space — create it now, whilst you still can. Take five minutes to relax, let go and go into the questions.

Don’t be concerned with whether the answers that come are wrong or right AND don’t take yourself too seriously. Be like the monkey and paradoxically you will be able to train your monkey mind — another blessing within a curse!


The Mature Monkey

1) What is my purpose in this lifetime?

2) What lesson am I learning in this lifetime overall?

3) What lesson am I learning in my relationships?

4) What lesson am I learning with family?

5) What lesson am I learning with my body?

6) What lesson am I learning in my career?

7) What do I need to heal?

8) How best can I heal it?

9) What do I need to stop doing?

10)What do I need to start doing?

11)What do I need to leave behind?

At the end of these five minutes reflect on what came up for you. Now you can think about what feels right and what doesn’t. Did you get any “aha” moments that feel like they are going to propel you forward?

Monkeys are great at being a part of something larger than themselves; they love their community.

Be like the 100th monkey and share any insights you think might be relevant in the comments box below — lets make that giant monkey leap forward on our path of evolution together!

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