“If you’re not ready to die, then how can you live?” – Charles De Lint

One of the greatest unanswered questions is: What happens to us when we die?

For some, it is a chance to get closer to enlightenment as we move closer to the end of the reincarnation cycle.

However for the many of us, this question rouses fear, anxiety and sadness. Embracing death is not something we’re familiar with.

The fear of the unknown and having to say goodbye to this magnificent world is not something we view lightly (quite understandably). Which is why when we stumbled across this 9-minute video – by the late spiritual guru and philosopher Alan Watts – we were somewhat humbled by his words.

In the video, Alan explains the very essence of how the Universe works in relation to birth, death and the ego. The circle of life ultimately ties us all together, as where there is death there is birth, and where there is birth there is death. We’re a continuous cycle of energy, and we are all one.

So while we may be fearful of going to sleep and never waking, isn’t it interesting to consider what it was like waking up having never gone to sleep (when we were born)?

The video poses some very interesting views, tell us what you think of his philosophy below.

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