Your second chakra is your sacral chakra. It controls sexuality, emotions, connectivity with others, and intuition.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. When the second chakra is out of balance, anger, frigidity, neediness, depression, anxiety, timidity, overindulgence and attachment issues are just a few of the problems that can result.

Physical effects can include, bladder infections and fertility issues. Stress, regret, and anger are common causes for second chakra imbalance.

Fortunately, there are ways to bring the sacral chakra back into balance.

1. Actively work on letting go of negative emotions.

Nothing has a larger negative impact on your second chakra than anger, conflict, and regret. Bringing the sacral chakra back into balance requires making a strong effort to let these things go. For smaller, daily regrets and irritations focus on adopting an attitude of forgiveness both towards yourself and others. For larger issues such as life choice regrets, childhood trauma, relationship issues, and inner rage, use meditation as a way to calm yourself and visualize physically and spiritually letting go.

2. Use yoga poses that open your hips.

Hip opening yoga positions encourage the flow of positive energy through your second chakra and the release of negative energy.

When you do these poses, concentrate on your breathing and visualize the negative emotions and physical effects of an imbalanced sacral chakra leaving your body. Then, visualize positive energy entering your sacral chakra.

Because the element of water is so closely associated with the sacral chakra, you may want to visualize the flow of water. Try poses such as the frog pose and the pigeon to open your hips and balance your chakra.

3. Purge the unneeded.

Letting go is a central theme when it comes to bringing your second chakra into balance. This applies to material goods as well as emotions.

The second chakra needs peace and harmony. Physical clutter is something that runs counter to this need. If possess something that doesn’t fall under the categories of beautiful, useful, or truly sentimental, let it go.

4. Dance vigorously.

Dancing has a fabulous sacral chakra opening effect. Dance styles and movements that focus primarily on the hip region are especially helpful in opening the second chakra to positive energy.

So, if you needed an excuse to hit the dance floor and try the latest moves, you have one now.

5. Work on your other chakras.

Even if you are only feeling the negative effects of an imbalanced sacral chakra, chances are you have other chakras that are also out of balance. After all, the chakras work in harmony with one another and are negatively impacted when all are not in balance.

When you meditate or practice yoga, take time to focus on other chakras in addition to your sacral chakra.

6. Focus on orange.

Orange is the color that is associated with the second chakra. It is a warm, comforting energy. Take a few moments several times a day to visualize a warm, orange, light entering your body where your second chakra exists.

7. Embrace your sexuality.

This has nothing to do with the frequency with which you have sex, or even if you have sex at all. Embracing your sexuality is simply learning to love your sexual self, recognizing that the pursuit of sexual pleasures is healthy and normal, and letting go of feelings of guilt and regret regarding your sexuality.

Try some daily affirmations that help you associate positive things with your sexuality.

8. Spend time in and around flowing water.

Your sacral chakra craves water. Finding a river, a creek, or waterfall to enjoy is a perfect way to open your sacral chakra. If you have daily access to flowing water, especially in the evenings when the moon is out, this is even better.

9. Immerse yourself in beauty.

The part of you that connects with beauty on an emotional level begins in the sacral chakra.

Make an effort to keep beautiful items and music in the places where you spend time. There’s no particular type of art, music or design that you must choose. Simply choose items that resonate with you.

For an extra boost to your second chakra go to an art museum, to a concert, or simply on a nature walk.

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