What are your personal growth goals and how are you going about achieving them? If you’re like most of us, you probably get bogged down in life – and in the ‘serious business’ of being your personal best – from time to time (or maybe even too often). If this sounds familiar, here are 5 ways to Supercharge your personal growth that we think you’ll live, love and laugh about.

1. Laugh

We can all get a little too serious in our aim to be, do and have more out of life, but sometimes the best medicine is to take it easy. A little laughter every day – including at yourself – can go a long way toward taking the pressure off of yourself and your personal growth.

2. Go for the Goal

There are tons of great goal-setting systems and tips (including many right here on FinerMinds), so choosing one that works for you and then establishing reasonable but a little ‘scary’ goals is well-worth the time. Then keep your “Eyes on the Prize” and chunk it down so that you keep stepping toward your dreams.

3. Be Okay with “I don’t know”

Sometimes you just don’t know the next step in your personal growth. be okay with that. Relax, breath and refocus your attention beyond the intellect. Say to your higher self “I don’t know what to do next, please guide me.” This kind of surrender is a powerful way to take the pressur off yourself to try to figure every little thing out and let the universe show you the way.

4. Sharing is Caring

When you share your personal growth dreams with others (like we did with our PhoGos), you put a powerful intention out into the world and send a message to your subconscious self. These invisible energies then engage to offer opportunities and insights you couldn’t have come up with with your mind alone.

5. Get Physical

All mind and no body makes Jack and Jane rather dull, don’t you think? Part of wholeness is being sure to love your physical body and take care of it. Not only does some form of regular exercize achieve this, it also helps you release built-up mental stress or excess pressure you might put on yourself as you move toward your personal growth goals.

What’s your favorite tool for your personal growth? Maybe you like to read personal growth books, or meditate or brian storm with a mastermind group. Leave us a comment and let us know.

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