Editor’s Note: According to our guest author Alicia Power, the Matrix was right. The physical world is merely a hologram. And that we can all become a reality architect. But first, we’ve gotta get insight on what sort of energy drives our hologram. Find out what she believes is the main force that controls our hologram.

This physical world IS a hologram…..

Think about this: between the electromagnetic fields of each electron within each atom, lies a vast field of love. Between these electron fields lies love so vast the human mind can only guess at its magnitude. (Zero Point Field eat your heart out!)

Projected Love

It is this love that generates each second of the human reality hologram – through the projected lens of each individual human. Humans have an aspect of their personal aura that activates when they feel emotion. And it is this particular emotional energy body that is significant, because it radiates intense energy waves into their surrounding quantum ‘soup’…

There is a quality to the surrounding soup of quantum waves of energy. They think. They also respond.

When each human’s intense unconscious emotion waves connect with the field of quantum consciousness surrounding them – it responds.

And it responds to the individual’s EXPECTATIONS.

Ultimate Classroom

You COULD call this dynamic a ‘training ground’ for mastering one’s consciousness state – so that one’s unconscious becomes love-based and learns to be steady, so that is what is projected.

Or you could believe it is random, not measured and not mentored.

The hologram IS directed by people, that is true. At least that is the opportunity in this quantum feedback classroom.

Each moment is an opportunity to merge with the highest god-source frequency – so that one’s hologram SHOWS UP the highest optimized reality possible.

However… MOST humans have not learned to optimize their consciousness to god source frequency. And… their holographic realities are responding to a variety of projected subliminal past-life soul history residue, as well as, simply, fear.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Who Owns The Hologram

Our COLLECTIVE hologram is a piece of work, I must say.

It features world-wide fear-governed circumstances, from lack of wealth distribution to misinformation trends that tend to control mass attitudes and keep people jittery and disempowered. Generally speaking.

Where did THAT come from?

So who is running the collective human hologram? Really?

Most certainly the vast background field of love is still present and functioning. Yet our collective hologram has its nose grinding in the mud, trying to fly.

Yes we are inventing new nano gadgets at blinding speed.

But, as a species, where is the love?

Certainly the ultimate litmus test of our generation is our ability to galvanize our entire race to save the free-fall of natural resources on this planet. Is such a galvanization happening? I don’t think so.

Without the Facebook and Twitter mass revolutions, young people would still feel gagged and straight-jacketed to activate global change.

In my mind it is time to REACH UP to higher intelligence. To personally (each individual) actively INVITE higher spirit-form beings of LOVE to engineer a new background field.

Is that controversial?

Subtle Field Engineers

They CAN and do do this – because these types of beings re-engineer electromagnetic waves EASILY. My proposition is that the human collective hologram is distorted and corrupted electromagnetically. And no matter how many super-conscious people make the effort to turn the ocean liner round, their frequency skills won’t make the change in time to save this planet.

May I put forward a humble request?

PLEASE invite higher forms of love and light spirit beings to help you with your individual reality hologram. This is not (I can assure you) giving away your power, or short-cutting your learning curve.

They designed this thing.

And are noticing that we’re not working the gears very well at all.

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