Speed bumps, holiday blues, good vibes, money models and drugs. These are just a few of the topics we covered this week. Have a read, a laugh, an inspiration and a brighter holiday with these 9 Personal Growth resources.


Lifelines- 7 Tips To Uplift When Holiday Funk Drags Your A** Down!
If you or someone you know is getting into the holiday blues instead of holiday cheer, try these lifelines, they work!
Thank You – 7 Reasons Why We Love You!
Why we love you, FinerMinds readers!
The Best Holiday Gift Ever – And It’s Free!
What’s the very BEST holiday gift you can give anyone? Read and find out.

Inspiration, Affirmations, Goal-Setting and Good Vibes

Aspiring To Be A Speed Bump? 7 Steps To Setting Goals
Try these 7 steps to achieving your goals and your new year will look a lot brighter.
Say It Right – How To Create Powerful Affirmations With John Assaraf
How to super-charge your affirmations with coaching by one of the masters.
Grok It – How To Heal Your Money Model In 3 Steps (The Abundance Action Plan)
Follow the Abundance Action Plan and change your money blueprint.
Mark Your Calendar! – Earth Hour 2011
How to be a part of a world-wide movement for the earth.
Understanding Your Vibes – The Law Of Attraction And You
Learn to live in joy by understanding your energy. Wisdom and guidance from ‘Abe’.

Just Plain Funny

Are You Already On Drugs? – Bill Maher On How To Get Healthy
Bill Maher takes a hilarious look at the strange bedfellows of big government and Big Pharma.

Guide to Inspired Life