Found this really cool article from the Huffington Post and thought I might share it with you guys. Now the idea of positive thinking isn’t new to anyone, but what’s the deal with this sudden backlash against it?

Check out this article below as the author deals with this new wave of anti-positivity.

In my opinion, I think there’s a huge difference between wishful thinking and positive thinking and people sometimes mix up the two.

But what’re your opinions? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole concept of positive thinking and it’s impact on humanity as a whole. Drop a comment and pitch in your 2 cents.

Could You Just Get Over Your Negativity About Positive Focus?

By Russell Bishop from the Huffington Post

What is it about those Huff Post readers who seem to get all negative about the suggestion that having a positive focus just might help? I mean, really.

The demographics tell us that our readers are highly educated, and presumably intelligent, and yet I keep getting the most cynical replies from people who seem to keep missing the point.

(If you are just now joining this conversation, you might want to click on these links to some recent articles that will help set the context. This one asks you to consider what you want out of life, really. And this one asks are you doomed by your circumstances? And this one looks at the growing prevalence of people blaming society for the ills of the world.

So let’s tackle this head on.

What’s the Problem With Positive Thinking?

I certainly understand what the problem would be if the only recommendations were some kind of denial form of thinking. “Geez, isn’t racism great? How about that loss of life? Don’t you just love the recession?”

Who on earth could possibly believe that the point of these articles is even remotely related to this kind of ridiculous sentiment, and yet read some examples of what some readers have sent:

From an editor (yes, an editor!) of a significant western newspaper:

“You bring up many valuable points about the different ways we sabotage ourselves from getting what we want, but please know that, amidst the biggest economic collapse in 80 years, rising unemployment and two wars further sapping our resources, that NO ONE, not even the most puerile person, is going to believe that all they need to do to make a better world for themselves is to change their minds. Furthermore, this kind of subtext to your main theme in making one’s life better is insulting and unnecessary. These problems are real and they affect people’s lives daily.

If my goal in life is to live in a world without racism, for example, don’t pretend the phenomenon doesn’t exist in deeply embedded social and historical contexts. If your goal is to disguise these contexts, you should also know that we are onto you and yours. And in that case, good day and good luck on the ol’ snake oil circuit.”

And another wrote to say:

“We have been ruined as a nation by “the power of positive thinking”. Your answers are simplistic and really don’t apply to everyday living. People need to have a source of income in order to be able to have a roof over their heads and food on their tables. I don’t think you address this very well at all.”

Can you believe this? Are you kidding me? Ruined by positive thinking? Creating a positive focus and taking positive action is somehow “simplistic?” Pretend that racism doesn’t exist?

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