Have you ever had a dream that you thought was beyond reach so you decided not to pursue it?

Like many of us, your answer to this question is probably yes.

Self-limiting beliefs are essentially negative thoughts that are rooted deep in our subconscious mind, preventing us from reaching our goals and achieving success.

These beliefs are often developed during childhood and play on continuous loop causing them to become embedded in our brain – often without us even knowing.

But understanding how these negative thoughts can block our success is the first step to releasing them for good.

To get you started, here are three simple steps from Law Of Attraction Guru, Natalie Ledwell, to help you unblock them:

1) Start being aware of your thoughts.

What is your attitude towards specific things like money, people, relationships and self-worth? The dialogue you have with yourself about others is typically a good indication of what you are also telling yourself on a subconscious level.

2) Feed your mind with positivity.

Once you have identified recurring negative thoughts, it becomes easier to pinpoint the areas you need to shift your focus and retrain your brain – so start by feeding your mind with healthy, positive affirmations coupled with visualization.

3) Make affirmations part of your routine.

Incorporate these affirmations and visualizations into your daily routine so you start eliminating your limiting beliefs one by one. In doing so, you’ll open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities that come from the Law of Attraction.

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